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Shame: Obono-Obla running from pillar to post to starve off trial of certificate forgery, other crimes

Obono- Obla...On the run for soft landing

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor,  Abuja

This doesn’t seem to be a good time for the once boastful and ever outspoken self acclaimed anti Corruption fighter and ex- Chairman of the Special Investigative Panel on the Recovery of Public Property (SPIP) Obono –Obla as  his case has wholly turned from that of  a hunter to  becoming the  hunted over the same corruption he was claiming  strenuously and harassing everyone that tickle his fancy to be fighting

’Daily Watch investigations confirms that Obono Obla who before his dismissal by the Federal Government for Forgery and Corruption has a distaste for those he was dealing with then running to the courts of Law to seek protection and most times not just criticized them but refused to adhered to court’s  decision against SPIP has himself shamelessly run to the same court for serious refuge having gotten wind of the plots by the ICPC to charge him for looting and forgery, the same Corruption he had all the while claimed o be fighting.


Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Obono-Obla has for weeks now been reaching out to several top Traditional Rulers, Senators and Nigerians close to the President to help give him a safe landing rather than draw him before the court of Law to answer for his crime .the same thing he severally refused others when he was on top as Chairman of SPIP.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the SPIP Ex-Chairman whom the ICPC in a matter of days would push before the Court of Law for forging his School Certificate Results with which he gained admission into the University of Jos and for sundry other Corruption related crimes has approached several Traditional Rulers that have the ears of President Mohammadu Buhari to pamper Justice With Mercy to which the President is said to be amenable to but for the insistence by the Cabal that the man Obono- Obla must face the dragnet for his crimes.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that though the self acclaimed Corruption fighter has hurriedly run to the Court of Law to help him starve off his planned prosecution so as to have enough time to do his plea  to the ears that be in the Presidency and seek for total forgiveness that doesn’t seemed to be helping his case as the ICPC is said to be finally fine-tuning his case file  doting the t’s and the I’s after which the so called corruption fighter would himself be docked for Forgery of School Certificate result and corruption which would be serious ironical itself.

Daily Watch frantic effort to speak to the loud mouthed Obono-Obla ,the Ex –Chairman of the Special  Presidential Investigative Panel on the Recovery of Public  Properties , who before now was a reporter delight  any day and time when he was on seat as Chairman of SPIP was not possible as he refused picking calls to his phone or answer to messages sent to his number as regards his planned trial for Forgery of WAEC results and Corruption in the days ahead.


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