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Shame: How Presidency billions of naira is tearing coalition MOU apart



      *Most parties’ leadership rushing out of the supposed MOU are said to have hit a jackpot from the Presidency to do just that.

Muhammadu Buhari

ABUJA-The reported speed with which many parties are pulling out of the recently signed memorandum of understanding by parties o work together with the PDP for the 2019 Presidential election is much more than meets the eyes if the series of information in the disposal of Daily Watch is anything to go by.

Daily Watch finding In Abuja confirmed that 99 percent of the Parties that have openly dissociated themselves from the recently signed MOU with several flimsy reasons did not do so out of any patriotic or altruistic reasons bt out of the several millions dished out to the y the Presidential political caucus led by a former Vice Presidential candidate in the cancelled June 12 presidential elections

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that soon afer the signing of the MOU which created panic and fear among staunch political allies of the Present administration a meeting was hurriedly held in Abuja with the sole aim of killing the coming relationship which by the MOU would have led to the formation of a merger Party that would have created problems for the APC.

In the meet in was decided that several of the executives of the smaller parties should be reached with money and promises of contracts to pull out of the deal to create a picture of failure on the Part of those forming the alliance and this was what was carried out to the later days ago.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that several executive of over 99 percent of the Parties that rushed to give very funny reasons for their pull out were said to have pocketed several millions each to do exactly what they did, sell their souls and kill the MOU they willingly agreed to.

According to Daily Watch findings, most of them have been raised financially with the chairmen, secretary getting as much as two hundred million Naira t pull out while others in the executive got between a fifty to a hundred million to the bargain.

Already, some form of consultations are now ongoing for some of the parties that pulled out to pick siple contracts from the several MDA’s with the Federal government as compensation for their game which already seem to have created confusion among the parties remaining in the signed MOU.

Serial  and consistent attempts by Daily Watch to reach out to the Chairman of the Accord Party and some others who recently disassociate themselves from the recently signed MOU  on the receipt of certain gift from the APC led government to make their withdrawal seamless was not possible as so many of them seem unwilling to speak on that





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