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Shame: Boko Haram so far looted weapons worth billions of naira in captured military bases

Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai


*Plots a massive and multi-dimensional attack on Maiduguri

By Yusuf Isa & Ahmed  Ahmadu

The fight against the Boko Haram Sect popularly labeled as Bandits by the Nigerian President seemed to be getting very costly for the Nigerian government following the massive  success the Sect has been making over the once very powerful Nigeria Military.

Daily Watch Sources a journalist close to the sect confirmed to Daily Watch that the sect seemed to be making great and wonderful in road into the Nigerian Military with steady victory and overrunning of several Bases in the past three months just as the Nigerian Military has also enriched the Boko Haram sect with much more equipment, ammunition,vehicles and other Military headgear which are getting more useful in their attack of the Nigerian Military and their positions.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that so far the monetary value of weapons and equipment seized by the Boko Haram sects from the different Bases and military formation in the North East  when financially evaluated could have hit several billions and still counting thereby depleting the Nigeria Military and enriching and embolden the Boko Boys who not move in over thirty to sixty or even more utility vehicles with several marked in the colors of the Nigeria Military during their attacks drawing from the massive harvest they usually get during their overrunning of several Nigerian Military Bass and formations in Borno state.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the Boko Haram sect presently are plotting a massive raid and attack on Maiduguri, the Bornu state capital with the intent of seizing the state hence the none stop attack of all Military Bases and formation enroute Maiduguri with the intent of weakening the Military, getting much more equipment and hardware and  also making their attack which they  plot to carry out from several direction  easier after making the Military lose control and psychologically weak and confused before the Maiduguri assault.

Daily Watch attempts o reach out to the Military  high command on their plans to check mate and stop the Boko Sect clearing of  Bases of the Military was not possible as mute was the word from the Military




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