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Shame: A govt in power can’t campaign with their so called achievements- Maxwell Udoh

Muhammadu Buhari,

“It is so disgraceful and shameful that whenever you hear them campaign or tell Nigerians why they should be voted for to carry on till 2023 all they speak is mere gibberish and Buhari so called deceptive integrity and nothing else, you can hear them mentioned roads constructed,bridges built, industries established or any such achievements made in their first tenure. All we are bombarded with his their obsession with PDP coming to loot and return the Country backward as if the past was not far far better that the Present. At least in the past we bought Rice for ten thousand a bag, over nine new Universities were built, rail, roads were done Ray power showed us Roads under Construction then etc .Cant the APC ad Buhari do the same? Show use the so called magic they have done than theses lies, deceit and propaganda of a thieving PDP coming Back, is that an achievement”

It is with these thought provoking words that the erudite and vibrant Niger Delta Militant Maxwell Udoh responded to the question about the APC and the PDP campaign so far and his views on the Buhari administration.

General Udoh, who claims not to supporting the PDP or the APC candidate but Donald Duke the ex Governor of Cross River state described the APC as even worse in all aspect than the PDP they are struggling to castigate as the APC four years is much more disastrous than the PDP since in looting they the APC are doing great jobs as well with the everyday rot and expose coming out of the administration every passing day.


According to Udoh “If it were for me to pick between the PDP and the APC certainly I would go for the PDP because the APC doesn’t seem to  have any achievement to campaign with in their first tenure other than asking Nigerians not to let the PDP back so as for Nigerians not to return back to Egypt. The Egypt Nigerians were under PDP was much more than 100 percent better than what we are witnessing today? If APC calls the PDP years-Egypt then definitely what we are now is worse off than Egypt, we are in Siberia. Ask any Nigerian on the street today, they all would be prepared to go back to the Jonathan years than the hunger the APC has unleashed on Nigerians. The only thing the APC has achieved is helping to increase Prostitution and destroying the future of our girls using Poverty as a tool”

He described the APC as a ruling party that has no achievement to even use for campaign but rather telling lies, deceit and confusion to deceive the masses.

In his Words “Imagine a ruling government that is supposed to be campaigning using their numerous so called achievements, but what we hear every day is each of their Chieftains insulting Atiku and the PDP as if that is what the masses are supposed to hear. They the APC are strange and very funny people with just noting to show for the years they have so far ruled hence they have time to be using the PDP as their campaign when they are supposed to be show casing their achievements to Nigerians, it’s truly disgraceful”.

He claimed not to be a fan or supporter of the PDP since he is backing the ex governor of Cross Rivers State as the ideal candidate for Presidency but even at that, was categorical that the APC when placed side by side with the PDP is a total disaster, a satanic creation, a pot of evil.

According to Udoh ”Am a supporter of Donald Duke but even at that if am to place the PDP and the APC in every aspect the PDP is far better than this charade Buhari and his co travelers in the APC are taking use through. The APC simply put is a government of all evil things that has befallen this Country, if they can steal this way in their three years plus of been in the helm of affairs than in sixteen years if they are allowed we would not have a Nigeria, if they can tame insecurity this way then we all would be slaves and dead from the hands of Fulani herdsmen within the next two years and yet you see them shamelessly blaming the PDP, am truly confused at their shamelessness and wickedness” Udoh concluded.




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