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Senator Ladi Basheer moves to APC to replace Kwakwonso

Rabiu Kwankwaso


      *Gov Ganduji picks replacement for Kwakwonso as APC division widens


KANO-The final demystification of the man popular known s the godfather of Kano politics Senator Kwakwoso leader of the of the Kwakwosai family has been finalized with the luring of Senator Ladi Basheer to the APC.

Senator Ladi who is the PDP senatorial candidate in the 2015 Kano Senatorial election that gave the ex-governor Kwakwoso a serious fight in the then 2015 elections is said to have been pressured by the state Governor a protage of Kwakwoso before their rift to take the position of Kwakwonso for the Kano State Central Senatorial seat presently manned by Kwakwonso.

Ladi who decamped to the APC few days ago at the Sani Abacha Stadium with over 5,000 of his ardent supporters is said to have jumped ship on the tacit and uncompromising assurance that he would be used as a replacement for the Ex- Governor and Present Senator who has fallen apart with his handpicked Deputy then to become the Kano Governor.

Kwakwonso who has never Visited Kano state for several years since becoming Senator under the APC on whose platform he contested and won the senatorial position is presently  an anathema in the eyes and supporters of his ex-Deputy who incidentally he single handedly picked as Governor of the state after his four years tenure.

Kwakwonso whose planned Visit after several years is already  creating uncommon tension in the State has refused to comment on the defection of his senatorial  opponent  in 2015 to the APC as desired by the state governor with the intent to use him as a replacement for the senator.


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