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Senator Abe consults with Wike, may dump APC for PDP



*To rally Ogonis’ for Wike 2nd term as Amaechi turns Emperor of APC in Port-Harcourt

*To pick PDP Ticket for Ogonis after Wike


Senator Abe

Port-Harcourt-All seem set for shock waves in the Rivers state Political terrain if
the Emporia life style of self-claimed leader and emperor of the APC
ex- Governor Amaechi is not changed.

The APC in Rivers State which seem in a shocking state of what many
would call a peace of the grave yard situation that may lead to the
movement of quiet a number of great personalities from the opposition
Party in the state to other parties except the administrative style of
the strong man of the APC in the state is quickly adjusted if not
changed totally.

Ex-Governor Rotimi Amaechi who is the Present Minister for Transport
in Nigeria seem to be the only voice in the state APC as anyone who
has a contrary views must be caged.

Daily watch investigations in Rivers state Confirmed that many
followers of the party in the state are totally disenchanted with the
Ex- governor breathing down on others like an emperor and one of those
said to be serious uncomfortable with the Ex-Governor system is the
APC Senator Magnus Abe who is presently said to be seriously
considering his stay in the Party as a result of Amaechi Despotic

Abe problem with Amaechi is said to have centred on the decision and
wish of the Ogoni serving Senator’s plan to go for the governorship
pursuit under the APC. According to investigations, during a meet of
the APC the governor was said to have issued an order that Magnus Abe
and the APC former Governorship Aspirant now boss of NIMASA must
perish their Governorship ambition with immediate effect as he Amaechi
is going to state and anoint a candidate for the APC in due course.

This despotic decision though obeyed without whimper by Peterside was
said not to have gone done with Senator Abe and many of his followers
who believed in Democracy and Party primaries to pick candidate rather
than the dictate of a single individual in far away Abuja.

This decision of Magnus Abe to disobey Anarchy’s order is said to have
created a big split within the party between supporters of the Ex-
Governor and those who believed things must be done rightly.

It is this imbroglio that seems to be pushing Magnus Abe into a new
alliance that if not checked would see him launched his next
Senatorial Ambition of the platform of the PDP

Daily Watch investigations confirms some kind of meet between governor
Wike and Abe political team in which the hardworking Governor of
Rivers state is said to be persuading Abe to dump the APC for the PDP
to get the Ogomis the exalted Governorship seat in the person of
Magnus Abe come 2023 as Abe would be expected to back Wike for 2nd
term and assist Wike to this effect with his people in Ogoni land
while in return Gov Wike would work for the Governorship interest of
the Ogonis come 023when he would be leaving the seat after his 2nd
term in office.

Daily Watch trail confirmed that though Magnus Abe has not given a
final consent to the deal dropped by Wike on the table but all points
tyo his acceptance as his hope of getting the governorship ticket in
the APC is totally not there as Amaechi is said to be weeding out
everything and person related to Abe out of positions in the Party and
also plotting to block Abe return to the Senate for his refusal to
obey his royal directive that Abe and Peterside should bury their
ambition to which Abe refused.

While Daily Watch cannot hazard a date or time of Abe’s movement to
PDP , it can be authoritatively be stated that Amaechi onslaught and
weeding of all followers of Amaechi is still serious ongoing and that
seem to make Abe movement justa matter of time.

Attempts to speak to Rotimi Amaechi about his despotic hold on the
Rivers state APC and his order that certain person must drop their
ambition was not possible as at the time of going to press but one of
the ardent followers of Abe Magnus Legmoris Edmond confirm the story
of Anarchy’s order which never went well with Senator Magnus Abe.


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