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See why group wants Aribougha to leave Delta Ijaw 2023 governorship lobby group

Alaowei Broderick Bozimo


* Kusimi is Odidi tenants  — Chief Jonny Aribougha

By Cletus Opukeme, Warri


Kusimi Development Movement (KDM) has tasked Alaowei Broderick Bozimo to drop Chief Jonny Aribougha for obvious reasons. That the presence of Chief Aribougha gives credibility problem to the Alaowei’s 2023 Ijaw agenda.

But in a swift reaction to Daily Watch inquiry, Chief Jonny Aribougha simply described the group as misguided youths who were misled to drag a communal land dispute in Odidi which is already in court to politics in order to paint his hard reputation bad.

Aribougha said Kusimi is Odidi tenants and the matter is in court that comment from him would be considered as a prejudice.

Kusimi Development Movement (KDM), coordinator, Mr. Kusimi Smart had called the called Ijaw leaders, particularly Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, the coordinator of the famous Ijaw 2023 agenda to drop Chief Arigbogha, accusing of betraying the group.

The group said” Aribogha can’t be justice advocator, and do opposite by conniving with NPDC/ NECONDE to oppress Kusimi Community…

”The Kusimi Development Movement; KDM, has urged the Ijaw lobby team for governor 2023 in Delta State led by prominent Ijaw leader Alaowei Broderick Bozimo to be wary of Chief Jonny Aribogha, saying that the former is not a trustworthy advocate for justice and equity” the group asserted.

Continuing,”’We commend Alaowei Broderick Bozimo for his good work in projecting the Ijaw interest with regard to the 2023 gubernatorial elections in Delta State”

Meanwhile, Chief Aribougha accused the Kusimi people as tenants to Odidi and the matter is in court. He wondered why connects a communal land dispute that is already in court and that of Delta politics that making them to call Ijaw leaders be careful.

” That is a arrant nonsense . The said Smart is a little boy who needs proper hone training. I don’t want to talk much on the land matter because it is already in court. The court will determine the outcome of the case. I don’t want to commit prejudice. But attacking my hard earned reputation over communal matter is ridiculous and an aberration” He told Daily Watch.

The Kusimi Development Movement ( KDM) however stated further, ” the good works by Alaowei Broderick Bozimo are misunderstood because of few bad eggs in his team, particularly Chief Aribogha and has made Kusimi Community inquisitive when Ijaw man becomes governor where Chief Aribogha will be wielded with more power and continue his clandestine motive to connive with NPDC/NECONDE to suppress, oppress and witch-hunt Kusimi Community.
In the opinion of Kusimi Development Movement Chief Aribogha can’t be a justice advocator, and do the opposite by conniving with NPDC/ NECONDE to marginalize Kusimi Community.

”We have it in authority that Chief Aribogha is in the reconciliatory team to reconcile Ijaw leaders, for us as Ijaw people to speak one voice in the 2023 gubernatorial elections. We state categorically that Chief Aribogha doesn’t have the impetus to reconcile anyone, as he is flagrantly abating NPDC/ NECONDE to disobey a court judgment that has reaffirmed Kusimi Community host status” the statement added.


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