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Secret of Gov Abdul-Aziz Yari hurried trip to Saudi Arabia exposed

Gov Abdul-Aziz Yari

*Rulings on  Zamfara case for 24th May

By Isa Yusuf, Kaduna

That the very vocal and outgoing Zamfara state Governor shockingly spirited himself uninvited to Saudi Arabia to be with Mr. President with others like Bola Tinubu, Sultan of Sokoto Etc is no more news  but what is unknown to many is the reasons for the shocking and hurried movement to the holy land.

Daily Watch findings from those who know confirmed that the hurried departure by Abdul-Aziz Yari to the holy land was not for anything relating to holiness but for some an unholy and dastard reasons that has to do with election case in the Supreme court.

According to Daily Watch Sources, Yari rush to Saudi Arabia was to  remind the President of the discussions and promise he had with the President about the Zamfara Elections and the many court Cases that has culminated to the final judgment slated for the 24th of May.

Daily watch Sources has it that a promise was made to governor Yari by the powers that be to help push for the redemption of the positions of the APC and their candidates in the Zamfara elections which from every direction they have lost totally.

Daily Watch sources Confirmed that governor Yari moves was made immediately the ruling date was given by the Supreme court and he has to rush to see the President in far Away Saudi rather than wait to intimate him on the date for rulings and the need for the President to fulfill his promises to help skew the judgment in his and the AOC favour in the final court which is the Supreme Court.

It would be recalled that Daily Watch reported several Weeks back about severe pressure on the Supreme Court Judges to do the needful to see that the APC candidates are allowed to triumph which was serious against the legal views of the Judges based on the facts of the case and it was this blackmail on the Judges using a recently appointed acting top shot in the Judiciary that has kept the case lying down up till now .

How the justices would decide the case? Would they bow to blackmail and Pressure and by so create a new legal precedent in the Country or stick to the legal laws of the Land and do justice to a clear cut case? All these would be set to rest   and known in some few hours from now.





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