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The Secret behind Giving


By Jeremiah Fufeyin

Christians should fast and pray steadfastly, the battle is not a carnal one. Christians must pray earnestly and ceaselessly, day and night and thank God for what God has been doing in our lives. It takes the grace of God for you to sleep and wake up with your complete healthy body the following morning. This involves both pastors.

You have to fast and pray to defeat the devil. Jesus was a prayer warrior. We must show unconditional love to those who need our help and give without expecting thanks or appreciation in return.  Givers never lack. If I do not give, I am worried and think something bad might happen to me. Even, if I have headache, I don’t take tablet, I will love for the needy and give to them something and the headache will vanish. There is secret behind giving. Love and giving are the secret keys to success and they are the food God eats.

If you want from God you must love and give to other needy people to attract Gods favour and blessings. Pastors, who want to grow, must practice humility, practice holiness if you are a pastor/prophet or minister of God. If you don’t practice humility and holiness, you are wasting your time. If you rely on other powers, you are on your own.

That means, you don’t want to serve the Almighty God and get his favour and anointing. If you are succeeding today with occult powers, one day failure will come. But where you believe God and the bible and follow the scriptures, the Almighty God will continue to protect you and show you the secret of his power.

Do you know one of my prayer points to God? I always beg God to take away pride from my life and the ministry. People, both elders called me daddy: it is God Almighty that is Daddy, I am a mere mortal and why people must call me daddy? Nobody should give me God’s honour. I am like every one of you. The difference is that I practiced holiness and sought for God’s secret love and power.

I do not know how I came about this thing that you see me doing. It is a divine grace and honour and I give God the glory. God only used me as he has been using several people from ancient day. I am a mere human being like every other person. But he has chosen me to do his work to help the society and I will do God’s will.






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