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Season of lamentations as Amosun, Amaechi’s ally hits Buhari hard

Gov. Ibikunle Amosun

This certainly doesn’t seemed to be a good time for many in the APC despite winning the 2019 presidential elections as several members are presently in high state of acute lamentation over the way they got treated by the President Mohammadu Buhari.

Daily watch findings confirmed that  many more are soon going to fall into the same lamentation mood when the spoils of office are going to be distributed by the Presidency as confidential sources confirmed of absolute shocker for more of the Party Chieftains who think they are on the same page with President Mohammadu Buhari.

Already Governor of Ogun who  is classified as one of the closest governors to President Buhari days ago openly vent out his anger on the President whom he literally  described as  an ingrate over his role in the Ogun state Elections.

According to Governor Amosun, he was there for Buhari when the going was bad as he helped him severally in diverse occasions too numerous to mention.

The Ogun state Governor talked about helping Mr. President then when it was not rosy and he was finding it hard o pay his children School fees abroad and how he helped out, he also spoke of assisting with accommodation for the President in Ikeja several when the President is in Lagos and have accommodation difficulty, also how he helped to pick him at the airport and ferry him all around with his own car and even buying him a bullet proof Lexus X570 jeep when he escaped boom blast from the Boko Boys.

Governor Amosun also spoke of how he played the role of bringing the same Buhari to Bola Tinubu in the period of 2015 that led to the diverse friendship and alignment that crystallized to the APC but shocked today that the President so quickly forgot all the past and turned his back against him just to please several people and fair weathered friends who were never there for him but got quite recently because he got power to be President of Nigeria.

Also following in the same lamentation is one of the trusted and loyal ally of Rotimi Amaechi the  Minister for Transportation Chief Chidi Lloyd who in open television took President Buhari to the cleaners and created the impression that the President is an ingrate over the conduct of Rivers state governorship elections and the diverse issues that followed the elections and the APC itself in the state.

Chief Lloyd who though had hurriedly apologized after Pressure from Rotimi Amaechi for his tirades on the President virtually created the impression of a man who is an ingrate and forgets  quickly those who helped him to power once he gets the same Power.

In the league of laminators is also the Imo state Governor Rochas Okorocha who this time poured his tirades on the Cabal in the Villa for initiating the game by INEC not to give him his certificate of returns despite all he put into the Buhari Presidency and vowed to expose certain secrets that would shock Nigerians about the seat of Power.

It will be recalled that prior to the 2019 election a very close associate and friend for years of the President Buba Galadima also came out to speak on the same attitude of the President treating those who helped and assisted him in the past with scorn and wickedness forcing buba to back Atiku Abubakar in the recently concluded Presidential elections.

Daily watch findings Confirmed that apart from these several many APC leaders are in the boat of Lamentations but still bottle theirs but for how long would their keep their  cry in their heart would be exposed by the secret of time.

Daily Watch Attempts to reach out to Amosun on  the pins that would push him to such great expose on his assistance before now to the President was not possible as he was said to be busy by his media spokes person who also  refused to comment on the topic.






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