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Scary: Grand massacre at Baga, Benishiek as Boko Haram kills over 40 military officers


*As the Military keeps down playing death figures amidst Wall street Journal 1000 secret Burial expose.

By Ahmed Ahmadu & Isa Yusuf

Monday and Tuesday this week can be said to be another bad and sad day for the Nigerian Military as the much reinvigorated   Boko Haram stormed two Military centers in Borno in grand style and sending well over 40 Military officers to their early grave.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Military  post in Baga was firmly destroyed by the Boko Haram sect with Military Offcers running for their lives just as the same thing was replicated in another army mini Barrack in Benishiek the next day (Tuesday) thereby giving the army a combined death figure of about forty and above in what has turned the war in Borno to a killing field for men of the Nigeria Military almost same time that the World Street Journal just released a shocking story of the Mass Burial of over 1000 Military officers secretly by the Nigerian Military in their much expanded Burial field in Borno state thereby confirming the series of Killings spree which had been serially denied by the military despite glaring facts with glaring evidences most time in the past.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Baga/Benishiek massacre is coming just at the same time the Nigerian Military are giving phony and highly fictitious tales of giving the Boko Haram battered  and bloody nose in different battles known only to the Nigerian Military information officer Musa Sagir while  the reality on ground showed a massive massacring going on in Borno against the Nigerian Military..

Daily Watch reached out as usual to Musa Sagir, information desk leader of the Nigerian Military on the Baga/Benishiek massacre that occurred Monday /Tuesday and the overrunning of the Military Post and Barracks but got silence from Musa Sagir which us always usual with the Military only for same military to come out after several Weeks to  give a different picture of gallant Military officers repelling Boko Haram attack with high casualties on the side of the Boko Haram fighters .






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