Home CRIME Scary: Fulani herdsmen finally take over Delta forest/bushes, hoist flags

Scary: Fulani herdsmen finally take over Delta forest/bushes, hoist flags

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram fighters

*As Several Communities intensifies special Vigilantes to chase them from their domain

By Steve Seigha & Esther Eugene

The tales, menace and land expansionist tendencies and killings of the Fulani herdsmen seemed far from over as the situation in Delta state seemed to be growing speedily from bad to worse following the recent final hosting of the Fulani flag signify a conquered territory along Patani road in Delta state.

Daily watch Abuja team led by Ojigbo Lucky which visited several communities, towns and Villages in Delta state experienced a shocking a gory tales of Fulani herdsmen vicious attitude and strong willingness to go to war when asked to leave most of the communities and localities where they have become more of killers, rapist, kidnappers, looters and land grabbers,

From Delta North spanning through Agbor and all other communities, towns and Villages serious tales of herders brutality stares the team on their face with inhabitants crying and running away from their farms and bushes following the well armed Fulani herders massive brutality, killings and raping of women both young and old with some dying in the Process with no succor from men of the Nigerian Police or the Military who all seemed to be either enjoying the cries of the people or simply obeying some kind of secret instructions not to act when it concerns herdsmen as reports of almost all communities testifying to the reluctance or unwillingness of the Police and some time the Military to act to save the Delta populace from the heinous and vicious attack of these so called herders but who in truth are simply well trained Militia with sophisticated weapons on the shoulders and wrapped in mats under their so called Cattle.

In several other Communities like Jesse and Eku in Delta state when the so called herders where chased away , they rather gathered in their numbers blocking the express road and brandishing several kinds of sophisticated weapons and displaying war like attitude with the Nigerian Policemen looking the other way.

Daily watch was also at the popular Uwheru were the herders massacred ten adults with the aid of men in Military Uniforms suspected to be the Nigerian Military and it was confirmed that the herders are still hiding in the forest wielding highly sophisticated weapons and daring the people of Uwheru and Urhobo Nationality to do whatever they like as they claim to be owners of not just the Uwheru Land but all Lands in Nigeria and describing the Uwheru’s and all Deltans as mere Slaves to the Fulani’s who would with time collect and control all land and sea in Nigeria.

On the road to Patani in Delta state and Yanagoa in Bayelsa the Situation remained the same with the so called herders or Fulani Militia always springing surprise attack on the people of the state and even going as far as hosting their Flags which symbolizes not just ownership of the land but simply epitomatizing the formal conquering of the territory which in this case referring to the whole of Delta state with the Police and Military looking the other way.

Daily Watch finding confirmed that several of the communities are already preparing to go for self help since the Nigeria president , government and even the Military seemed unwilling to do anything in spite of the unstoppable cry of the people of the state over the evil acts and menace of these vicious Fulani Militia called herders.

The situation all around Delta seemed the same as farming, hunting etc in the local farmland, forest have become none existence as the Fulani warriors called herders hold sway with their cattle and highly sophisticated weapons running things the way they feel and decide.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with the Nigerian police through the state commissioner of Police who himself from the Northern part of the Country and is seen and perceived by Deltans as highly

Partisan in his approach to all issues involving herders since the Uwheru killings which he not only totally refuted, down played and eventually labeled the Uwheru people as liars until corpses of those killed were exhumed but almost In all cases involving the attack and menace of the herdsmen in Delta State but was not successful.




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