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Saturday Polls: The Kpakiama political gimmick, by Chancel Bomadi Sunday


The Delta State House of Assembly tussle in Bomadi Constituency on 9th March, 2019 appears to be an epic battle between the incumbent Deputy Majority leader in the House, Hon. Kenneth Oboro Preyor (JP), and the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Kelvin Preye Okaba.


Both candidates in the race are bonafide sons of Kpakiama, the second largest community in Bomadi local government area of Delta state.



As usual, campaign activities at the prelude to election day are currently tensed mainly in the community, with campaigns by foot-soldiers moving the length and breadth of the now ever-busy community day and night, announcing with loud speakers on the need to vote for their candidates.


Some party faithful went further to dole out the blueprint of their candidates once (re)elected, while some others often use derogatory words in the cause their door-to-door campaigns.


The prevailing issue now is that oftentimes you will be woken up early in the morning by these foot-soldiers on their campaigns, marching past your house with heavy foot-steps and loud campaign noise.


You will be wondering what really is the issue in a contest between two brothers that warrants such heavy campaigns that disturb the sleep of fellow Kpakis.


More so, in a gathering of two, three, four, five or more you will find out that the topic of discussion, or the agenda of the gathering, is nothing other than the political gimmick in the community.


However, the beauty of it all is that one of them must certainly emerge as the chosen one to represent the people of Kpakiama, nay, Bomadi Constituency in the House.


The people of Kpakiama must note that there are two options and these two options must be weighed, not only by Kpakis but by Bomadi constituents as a whole.


So, I think there is no big deal as far as Bomadi constituents are concerned; they will go for their choice and I urge the foot-soldiers of Kpakiama to do their candidates more favour by focusing more on voters outside the community.


We should avoid creating unnecessary tension in the community in the name of election campaigns because I believe the average Kpaki already knows his/her preferred candidate among the two.


Finally, I urged constituents to vote peacefully to elect their preferred representative to the House come Saturday, 9th March, 2019.




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