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Who is the saint among Buhari’s security/legal team?


*DSS Director in looting spray

ABUJA-When Buhari came to power he made a vow  not only to wipe out
corruption but make corruption an anathema to Nigerians by virtue of
his zero tolerance for the evil act.

Today, more than half of the President’s four year tenure the reveres
seem to be the case as almost all the security chiefs and the head of
all notable security and legal apparatus of the government of Buhari
are notable corruption thieves or suspected looting hanging over their
heads with the so called anti-corruption war not taking effect in the
same administration that has its major mantra as zero tolerance for


Daily Watch research all through the diverse Security/legal footings
of the Present administration is as shocking and discouraging as the
slogan of tackling corruption been the focus of the administration.

Take the case of the NIA,the NIIA is the nation’s top security body
that dwells on external Security issues and the Ex leader or Director
was enmeshed in monumental corruption scam where several billions were
traced to a House in Ikoyi but till date the Federal Government has
not only refused to come out clean on the reported Ikoyi loot but
finding it hard to prosecute the Ex Director simply because it would
indict the Government itself and bring to fore the many lies of the
administration since the Ikoyi discovery is part of the Sambo Dasuki
claimed arms loot which was handed over to the NIIA for which some
vested interest in government in conjunction with the Ex NIIA boss
kept hidden and yet heaped all the missing fund on Dasuki’

Again the Director of the DSS is embroiled in monumental and bare
faced looting as the 21 million Dollars left from the same Dasuki arms
deal that was claimed to have been stolen  when the new DSS boss Duara
came to power has today been ferreted and laundered by the DG DSS with
not a whimper from the Federal Government, the same DG  who has over
12 petitions with diverse evidences of lootings sent to the office of
the Presidency but blocked ny the chief of Ataff to the President Abba
Kyari is still till date siting firm over the same security body meant
to help the country in investigations.

Again, the Inspector General of Police is totally confused with the
dossier of his corrupt practices and even went to court personally and
in association with the same Federal Government that claimed to be
fighting corruption to  put the whistle blower on trial and stall
investigations in the National Assembly.

The Chief of Army Staff Buratie is still not able to explain how he
was able to buy multi billion naira mansion in Dubai against all known
laws of the Federal Government yet till date no form of investigation
is been or has been initiated by the same government  that made a vow
in their campaign to tame corruption.

Daily Watch was also shocked to note that the same administration
Minister for Interior is an indicted thief based on the Military Panel
that investigated his stewardship in the 144 Military Hospital in
Kaduna and his buying of a multi-billion naira mansion in course of
this new administration in Boston, United states with the same
government looking the other Way.

What about the chief law officer of the country AGF Malami bringing in
a wanted thief into the country with the aid of his corrupt DSS
security adviser to not only stage the thief into office but promoted
him to the position of Acting Director Ministry of Interior and paying
him over 22 Million Naira for the Years he was out of work for the
government or the monumental lies from the AGF about lootings handed
over to the EFCC which were never true with the only aim of painting
and converting the renowned pension thief to pension Saint. Today the
head of the Special fraud Unit Ikoyi is the Ex EFCC boss indicted for
selling secretly many loots of the EFCC and recommended for dismissal
and prosecution but shockingly promoted to the position of a
commissioner SFU Ikoyi to oversee more looting maybe.

Daily Watch also uncovers the case of the Present Registrar of the
National Judicial Council Garba Saleh who was investigated by a
presidential Panel and found to have stolen over 2billion naira when
he was registrar of Nigeria Supreme Court and recommended for
dismissal and trial, only to be charged to court and within weeks the
case ordered to be withdrawn by the AGF and the 2 billion naira thief
elevated to the NJC as not just a registrar of the noble NJC but
secretary of a committee to monitor corruption cases.

The leader of the EFCC is not left out as despite recommendations for
his sack for serial complexity in corruption related issues he is
still held tight by the administration, forcing him on Nigerians
against the will of the National Assembly.

Attempts to speak with  the Presidential spokesman of the President on
the President penchants for tainted persons in almost all the security
and most special legal positions in the country and in  an
administration that speaks of taming corruption was not responded to
despite over six text messages to his lines


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