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Rwanda’s Kagame defends Africa’s human rights record

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

He has also accused the west of having “superiority complex” when it comes to issues of human rights.

He has also accused the west of having “superiority complex” when it comes to issues of human rights.

President Kagame made those points in an interview with French TV broadcaster France24.

The interviewer asked the Rwandan leader about human rights reports that ranked his government poorly for abusing rights of political opponents among others.


Kagame however responded saying “You really need to stop this superiority complex nonsense about human rights.

“You think you are the only ones who respect human rights, all others are about violating human rights.

No, we’ve fought for human rights and freedoms for our people much better [than] you people who keep talking about this nonsense.”

Rwanda is special case

The Rwadan leader noted that his country has a peculiar record of a genocide 25 years ago but has made a remarkable growth and development.

He considered the improvement in the lives of citizens, being able to go to school among others as the promotion of human rights as well.

Kagame accused Europe of also failing human rights record, referring to the treatment of migrants.

“[Europe] is violating people’s rights, with this problem of people being bundled and sent back to sink in the Mediterranean and so many people being mistreated in your own country,” he said.

Reactions from Africans

Many Africans however seem to support what the Rwandan leader was saying in the interview.

He received a lot of applauds for his comments and how he defended Africa and his country.

kami Amri@kamikriss

Why do they think they are the superiors in human rights yet immigrants are being killed in Indian ocean and Atlantic. I really have nothing to give to my president but I will work for your goals I promise!

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counsel sir abbey@sirabbe

Who are they? They are just silly where were they when Egypt ousted a democratically elected president

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Katy Allen Mtui@KatyAllenMtui

Excellent replies from the living legend @PaulKagame. About time Europe (and UK within that) to be questioned on their human rights’ record. I wish more leaders had this dignity and tenacity.

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This president right there should be an example for other African country. In Mali more than a thousand people have been massacred, burned. France people are saying they are there for human right. But they not doing anything about it. They just there to circulate the guns

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Georges M. Hermann@georgesmhermann

I just love this president – shame on that lady, am a Belgian living since 1997 in Rwanda, come and see for yourself this amazing country !!!!!

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Mwene Kalinda@KalindaMwene

Pe! I fully savoured the schadenfreude from seeing her put in her place. When will they ever learn we aren’t their wards, but free and independent-minded people who totally reject their misplaced, self-regarding white-saviour superiority complex?

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