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Rumbles in the Nigerian Army




ABUJA- There seem to be a serious but general tension and discontent in the
Nigeria military over series of actions and in actions in the once
most disciplined and vibrant establishment, the Military in Nigeria,
the tension and grumbling which cuts across the ranks and files of the
Military is so palpable these days that even none military personal
close to the military can see and feel it.

Daily Watch
investigations in the Abuja in the past days confirmed a
systematic but total disillusion in the military over decisions,
promotions, training and mode of operations that goes against all
known military tenets or ethics in the world over.

According to insider expose, the once vibrant and solid Military
that was woven together with Nigeria as the centre of focus seem to
have died finally with the advent of those in the helm of affairs in
the military.

The military today is said to be so divisive that the issues of
religion, tribe, areas of origin now seem to be the major factors and
key determinant  in  getting promotions, postings, training etc
unlike in the past where merits rather than any other factors
determines things in the military.

To buttress this point, the sources in the military confided in
Daily Watch that out of the three thousand military personnel sent for
foreign training  in the past one year over ninety percent were not
just from a particular ethnic group but from a specific religion.

If such scenario were to play out or occurred   on the issue of
foreign training alone it would have been understandable but a
situation where this same scenario is replicated in postings to
sensitive positions and even promotions and areas to serve   seem to
have created a great and sharp division in the military today that
cuts serious across the twin  lines religion and ethnicity.

Apart from issues of training and promotions, the decision of the
military high command to detail the best training in the military to
deal and pursue IPOB and Niger Delta Militants as against the killing
field of the North East and North Central were their expertise is
clearly  and greatly needed seem to be a deliberate ploy to create
leeway for  the herdsmen and Boko Haram to run riot over newly
recruited soldiers from a particular section of the country and this
also is said to have  helped in  sowing the seed of discord ,ethnicity
and religion greatly in the once vibrant and purposeful military.

As at now, there is high tense situation in the
military which now seem to be so divided not along the lines of
bravery and merits but tribalism, religion and ethnicity and these
seem to be creating a new discord and extreme tension in the Nigerian military




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