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RUGA FRAUD: Buhari’s govt blows over ten billion on RUGA without N/A approval within weeks

Muhammadu Buhari

*Sets to withdraw another whooping N20 billion

By Alfred  Kayode, Abuja

Just When the Controversy over the much talked about herdsmen Land Colonization and settlement scheme known t the Buhari’s government as RUGA for Peace is still raging and boiling with renown Retired General also warning against the Fulanization agenda and moves the Buhari’s Administration has already spent a whopping ten Billion Naira on the scheme that was made known to Nigerians just weeks ago.

Daily Watch Sources at the Central Bank confirms that the Federal Government has so far authorized the release of ten Million Naira for the Pilot Scheme of the RUGA project without the approval or knowledge of the National Assembly pointing to the great zeal why the Buhari’s administration Wanted the trio of Gbajabiamilia and Ahmed Lawan in the National Assembly to Watch its back on issues like Extra Budgetary Spending without the Assemblies input of Budgetary approval.

The Ten Billion which was withdrawn several Weeks back  did not go through any Budgetary process neither was contracts awarded to Several Top Fulani leaders who are now automatic Contractors for the RUGA Settlements have their contracting Companies registered or the Project going through the so called Federal Government process before Contracts are dished out.

Daily Watch Findings also confirmed that another 20 Billion Naira is set to be released few days from today to take the total money for RUGA that was not in the Budget while other Budgetary projects remain at a standstill to over 30 billion Naira in less than a month yet other facets of Development are starved totally of Funds with almost all Government activities on a stand still while RUGA is only thing to move on.

Daily watch tried speaking to the National Assembly leadership on how the Federal government can unilaterally without their Approval withdraw so much for a so Called Fulani Settlement Scheme (RUGA) in 12 Pilot states that was not debated or approved by the National Assembly as Constitutionally mandated but mute was the word as Spokesperson for the Speaker and Senate President opt to remain silent in spite of over six messages on the issue to their lines.




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