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Roforofo fight in Buhari’s Govt as EFCC Battles DSS


*You can’t invite my boys for any interrogation -DSS

*You are aiding thieves in your safe Houses-EFCC


ABUJA- The Buhari’s anti-corruption war seem getting messier every passing
day if the combative stench from the diverse security and other
bodies is anything to draw from.

Presently the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions (EFCC) is on a
serious running battle with the Director of the Directorate of state
Security over the release of two personnels of the DSS whose names are
said to have cropped up repeatedly in several corruption related

While the EFCC have taken the right step towards taking the duo of
the DSS for interrogations, the DSS through his director has vowed not
to release at all any of its staff or officials to the EFCC for
interrogations as it sees the whole interrogations as a plot to
humiliate the DSS.

The Director of the EFCC who is said to have described the EFCC boss
as a small Police Officer that is striving to soil his reputation has
vowed never ever to allow any staff of his to the EFCC.

Already the EFCC is said to have set up a strike team to pick the two
DSS staff whose names are said to have cropped up repeatedly on the
EFCC list for the protection of looters and also the recent
disappearance of the Pension Thief Boss Maina whom the EfCC is
suspecting to be housed in one of the several safe house of the DSS.

According to Daily Watch Findings, the EFCC request for the DSS duo is
said to be as a result of the cumulative investigations as a result of
the constant Security around  Maina before his disappearance which the
EFCC is said to have traced to the doorsteps of the DSS dou who are
said to be the right and men of the DSS boss.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the battle between the DSS boss
and that of the Anti-crime body is a shadowy battle among the key
powers in the Villa over who to control events as the  EFCC and the
DSS leadership is said to be in the two contending camps in the seat
of power fighting over who to control the affairs of Nigeria.

Yours truly has confirmed though that the EFCC has a water tight case
against the DSS duo who are said to have gotten paid to keep watch
over the Pension thief Maina and several other thieving persons in the
country while on the other hand the DSS is said to be collating

Details and other all over the world and suspected monies, deals and
property said to belong to the EFCC boss Magu and this is said to be
causing serious tension among the Staff of both organizations.

Daily Watch
investigations in Abuja confirmed that the whole brouhaha
is set to cause more dent on the image of the administration as more
dirt on so many issues would soon sprout if speedy efforts is not made
to check the secret fight between the DSS and the EFCC who are bought
said to be fighting a war for their respective groups in the Villa.

Attempts to speak with the DSS was not possible as everyone seem
unwilling and afraid to speak but top EFCC officials confirmed to
Daily Watch that truly the EFCC has several dossiers and evidences
that exposed the culpability of the DSS in the anti-graft war.



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