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Rivers State: Royal tussle brews in Ebubu kingdom over who becomes monarch  

HRM Goodwin Chinwi (middle) and other members of Ebubu traditional council of Chiefs

By Goodness Ogbor


Royal Crisis brews  Ebubu kingdom in Eleme LGA in Rivers State over the choice of HRM. Goodwin Chinwi as the paramount traditional ruler of the kingdom by the kingdom’s kingmakers.


Other contenders of the throne have opposed the choice of the new monarch which they said was not following due process.


According to aggrieved contenders of the traditional stool, Chief Emere George Osaro Obo Osaro  and others have kicked againt the nortunal process or Kangaroo method which they threatened would lead toa serious crisis in the kingdom.


Chief  Emere George Osaro Obo Osaro told Daily Watch, ‘‘ If this is not looked into and reverted immediately for every interested and qualified contenders to participate as the edit of the kingdom says, it will spell doom to the kingdom’’


He however, called on the Rivers state traditional council of Chiefs and the state governor, Chief Nyosom Wike to interene immediately before it esxcalate to a full blown crisis in the kingdom.


He also called on the Rivers state Commissioner of Police to stop the purported monarch, Chief Goodwin Chinwi to stop parading himself as traditional ruler of Ebubu kingdom. That he is an impostor and should be arrested, if found with royal regalia in public function, untill the entire kingdom decides and install its paramount ruler according to the laws of the ancient kingdom.

Some of aggrieved contenders of the  traditional stool in Ebubu kingdom have kicked against the selection process which they said will not stand because it was not done with the consent of the entire people of Ebubu kingdom.

Ebubu traditional stool-elect, HRM. Emere George Osaro Obo Osaro said, he is the Paramount Ruler of Ebubu Clan and denied knowledge of the selection of the new chief.

Meanwhile, HRM. Goodwin Chinwi insisted that the process of his selection was transparent and legitimate and urged other aggrieved people to sheathe their swords and work with him peacefully to move the kingdom forward.

He promised that his reign will bring development and peace to the ancient Ebunu kingdom, just as he pledged to work cooperatively with other members of the Rivers state traditional  councils and the state government for the overall development of the state.




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