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  Rival cult war claims lives in Warri

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By  John Tega, Warri

Massive tension and curfew like state of affairs have totally enveloped several areas in the Oil City of Warri following the resurgence of cult activities and rivalry in a tense battle that has resulted in the death of  a beautician popular called Jokwo, her boy friend and two others,

The Cult clash which started with the killing of a handsome young man in the early hours on October 1st at the Merogun Axis close to Iyara junction  was followed by another killing which those in the known termed as a revenge mission to the killing of the young man and which in itself claimed the female beautician who has a beauty pal our by Merogun  with another young man from Agbede I Edo state who is suspected to be her boy friend at the Popular Oniorobe street by Akara Junction, Iyara axis of the same Warri thereby throwing the whole axis into one  grave land silence or what several people in te locality have bow chosen to call the Unofficial curfew.


Daily watch investigations  though not yet confirmed has it that another young man paid the supreme price for been a cultist yesterday as the war and Rivalry is said to be dramatically spreading fro the local streets to what may become a full blown war among the cultist in Warri as comradelier which is a very inuque traits of cultist seemed to be taking the war to the rivals in other areas of Warri so as to stage revenge over death of their members in the battle in Merogun and Onoriobe axis.

While the men of Nigerian Police are said to have taken over the areas, their presence doesn’t seemed to be deterring the cultist who are conversant with link roads and streets corners where Policemen are hardly  positioned.

Already fears have taken over Markets of Pessu, Mciver and others where people and traders hurriedly close shop before four so as not to be caught in the line of any surprised attack or clash until the situation pails or plays out.

Daily watch frantic efforts with the Chairman of the anti-cultist task Force in Warri one Alex an ex-footballer  yielded instant results as he assured Daily Watch of the anti-cult group surveillance so as not just to stall any more occurrences but stage a massive arrest of all the known cultists in the area in particular where the killings are ongoing and Warri in general.




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