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Revolution Now: Naira rains as FG doles out millions to CSO for counter protest


By Lucky Ojigbo & Cletus Opukeme, Abuja

The Federal government which had condemned and  even threatened to deal with any Nigerian that answered the Call of the revolution Now group to protest against the government Economic and other policies has itself sponsored a counter protest with firm protection to protest against the Revolution Now group and the Amnesty International.

Daily Watch investigation confirmed that the Federal Government through one of the recently appointed Ministerial nominee from Delta state who was in the forefront of the Campaign for President Buhari and the APC doled out of 500 million Naira to sponsor a counter Pretext even at a time the government is averse to any kind of protest.

The five hundred million which was presented to a group that styled itself as Democracy Watch Africa staged some kind of protest without any form of Police or military disturbances in some towns and cities including Lagos as against that of the Sowore Revolution Group that was attacked severally in almost all states and people beaten and arrested.

Daily Watch investigation confirmed that several leaders of the group were mobilized and the demonstrators got each well over thirty thousand Naira to partake in the Counter Protest specifically in Lagos where the Counter Protest or what many called Pro –Government protest was most conspicuous and without security persecution unlike the Revolution Now.

Daily Watch spoke to a close associate of one of the Notable leader of the Democracy Watch of Africa Josephine Okoli who begged against the use of her name who confirmed the cash flow for the counter [protest some three days to the May 5th date for the Revolution Now Protest.

Daily Watch strenuous attempts to directly speak with Josephine Okoli on the allegations that several Millions changed hands from Government to her group which she described as an amalgamation of over thirty Civil Society Group but which from the protest has only a small group of cohorts and friends was not Possible as at press time.




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