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Revealed: Saraki ,Ejiofor Other Top Nigerians under security watch Over IPOB


ABUJA- Nigeria is clandestinely moving and slipping into what can be called
a state under siege if the game plan of the State Security Service
over the monitoring of calls of most Nigerians is anything to go by.

Daily Watch investigations days ago in Abuja confirmed that many
Nigerians in the major opposition Party, Civil Society groups and others in top positions of Authority are having their daily conversations on phone under tight scrutiny and constant monitoring for a purpose that is still unclear except to the DSS officials.

According to sources in the DSS the number of those having their GSM lines
under close monitoring grew by one with the addition of the vocal
Lawyer to the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Ifeanye  Ejiofor
getting his name on the very long list following is serial court cases
against the Government about the where about of the leader of the
Independent people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu.


The inclusion of his name on the growing list of Nigerian tribes of
men having the phones and conversation monitored is said to be as a
result of the Department of state Security wanting to know if he is in
contact with Nnamdi Kanu or any other leader of the IPOB with the
intent of proving that Nnamdi Kanu is not in the custody of the
Military and also to lay their hands on materials to put the said IPOB
lawyer Ifeayin Ejiofor to face trial.

The list of those under close monitoring which is as large as  a
Dictionary also have the names of senate President and his Deputy are
conspicuously present with several others in the top echelon of the
National assembly.

Shockingly on the list is also the name of Ibrahim Magu the
Hardworking Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions.

The calls which are strictly monitored by trained DSS officers said to
have been trained over six months in Jordan and France is done to
afford the government enough dossiers and secret bank of expose  of
most top Nigerians and to pre-empt any move by the individuals before
the action or plot is executed,

While many of those under this Surveillance are said to be unaware
the Senate President Doc. Olusola Saraki is said to have known all
along and also had put in measures  technologically  wise to
neutralize all bugging that makes monitoring easy by the DSS.

Repeated attempts to get someone in the office of the DSS as was
in the Past during Jonathan administration to speak to Daily Watch on
this weighty story against the DSS was not feasible as no one has been
designated to speak to the Press on any issue and all those spoken to
maintained sealed lips.


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