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Revealed: Presidency plots to turn pension thief Maina to a saint

Muhammadu Buhari


*Saint Maina to release list of beneficiaries and made
prosecution witness.

*Plots to name innocent Nigerians, political opponents in
Maina/Cabal doctored list


ABUJA-That the Present administration takes delight in tarnishing its own
image over corruption related cover up seem shocking if the level  of
government involvement in the ongoing  schemes and cover ups in  the
new phase of Maina case is any to go by.

Daily watch
investigations in Abuja about the Abdurasheed Maina case
seem to be as messy and dirty as the government fight against
corruption has become if the new plot of the AGF and others in
government to bring back the renowned pension thief into the country
but this time as a prosecution witness against many innocent and
supposed looters of Pension fund to be determined and named by the
Thief even without any evidence.

The plot which has received the final approval of the Presidency would
in the days ahead see Lawyers and paid people jostling for space to
eulogized the renowned pension thief  Abdurasheed Maina for single
handedly exposing corruption in the pension schemes.

The plot which will see Maina and his team of Lawyers churning out
names of almost all known critics of the Government and all known PDP
members jostling for Senatorial and governorship positions as been
partakers in the sharing of the Pension loot and the turning of the
great Pension thief to a crime buster is already playing out as Maina
is said to have Named ex-President and Femi Falana as beneficiaries of
the Pension fund.

What Maina consecrators which include top officials in the Presidency
seem not to understand is how men like Falana and others in the
planned list of Maina looters become beneficiaries when they are never
working for the Government or are pensioners.

According to Daily Watch Investigations, the plot is simply to rubbish
as more Nigerians as possible and harass them after which they would
be charged to court and the case after several months dropped for lack
of evidence since even Maina himself has no evidence against the names
he is set to reel out but simply to create the illusion among
Nigerians that he was truly persecuted instead of the thief that he is
and by so allowed to pursue his Governorship Ambition in Borno state
while enjoying freedom as mere prosecution witness as against his
trail for ultimate theft of several billions from the Federal
Government for which the EFCC is said to have overwhelming evidences.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that many top officials
are aware of the were about of Maina and are consulting steadily with
him in the new formed plot of harvesting looters of pension fund using
Maina as the key witness.

When in the days ahead you hear of names been droped every other day
in the Papers by Lawyers, office of the AGF and Maina as been
beneficiaries of the great pension harvest then know that the
eventually unveiling of the greatest deceit to free a thief at the
expense of those who collected billions and brought the thief to
office and promoted him to acting Director would have commenced.

Attempts to speak with the DSS who unconfirmed reports and information
with Daily Watch points to as been the custodian of the thief was not
feasible but what is already in the domain of the public is the series
of plots and sub plots to make Main a hero rather than the scoundrel
that he is by the present administration.

Attempt s to reach out to the Presidential spokesman and Wilson
Uwajuren on plots to turn a thief to a prosecution witness with funny
names of so called pension Beneficiaries was not feasible as at press



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