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Revealed: Many Lies of Fed Govt school feeding Programme


*Feeding none existing in many schools

*Contract settlement for APC leaders


LAGOS- Recently the Media spokesman to the vice President Laolo Akande gave a comprehensive   and successful report of the Federal Government so
called Home Grown Feeding Program of the Federal government with a
ninety percent success in nineteen states.

According to him, the Program has not only achieved the desired
success story in the said nineteen states and almost got its target 50
thousand cooks employment estimates by the Federal Government and
hopefully hitting the Government targeted 5.5 million children all
over the country.

What the Media boss to the Vice President whose office is in charge of
the Home Grown Feeding Program failed to tell Nigerians is the many
infractions that is besetting the said program for which any
discerning observer would classify it all not just a failure in
totality but  500 billion naira sent down the drain if a comprehensive
analysis and investigations is to be carried out on the said program
in any of the mentioned nineteen states by the Vice President Media
boss which included Delta State, Rivers State,   Edo State,  Taraba
State Zamfara State Imo State, Ebonyi State, Kaduna State, Abia state,
kogi state etc

In almost all the nineteen states mentioned as benefiting from the
feeding program one simple trend runs through, either the feeding is
done haphazardly that is once in two or three Weeks or not done at

In Delta for Example the School Feeding Program in Delta state is
either non Existing in most schools or where it is seen at all it is
haphazardly done that the kids who are supposed to be the
beneficiaries gets fed once or twice in two what has become a jackpot
for the numerous contractors said to be APC members and leaders.

Daily Watch
investigations in six schools in Delta state cutting
Across four local government confirmed the wholesome Deceit the school
feeding program for which the media aide got his colossal 50 thosand
cooks a mere deceit.

In Ewein Pry School Ogbe Ijaw in Warri South West Local Government
Area of Delta State feeding had not been on for running three weeks
which the Daily Watch Reporter was at the School. This same situation
is replicated in Eweiri Primary School Aladja in Udu Local Government
Area were feeding was done once or twice in the over three weeks and
in the two times witnessed by Daily Watch what was dished out was mere
Buns and Zobo.

In Uvie local Government Area of Delta state almost Similar
Situation is applicable  as feeding is done haphazardly in few of the
schools were it is done at all as the  suppliers are seen Mondays
until may be two weeks Mondays again.

In Cross River School  in the state Capital Calabar almost the same
Scenery played out as the feeding system was the same charade  that
was seen in Delta and when occasionally the so called contractors
chooses to appear the kind of so called home grown food is as shocking
as ever.

In Abia, Eboyin monitored by the Daily Watch also the same funny tails
are getting out of the schools, In Niger State Daily Watch visited the
Mandala Primary School, Mandala almost adjacent to the Police station
some distance to the famous Zuma Rock, and shocking the deceit of
either the Federal Government or the operators of the Program was
disgracefully glaring. Same for Lambatter Primary School, Lambatter
,Niger State and the Universal Basic Education Primary School in
Kwakwashe Niger state for which over two Weeks Daily Watch lay siege
in Wait nothing like feeding was going on was going on, In the two
Primary schools visited in Suleja in Niger state glaring was the Home
Grown Feeding Program deceit as nothing is ongoing in name of feeding.

Similar situation applies in Orugworun Primary School in Delta, Elele
Primary School in Rivers state and many other Primary schools, In
Rivers state and Akwa Ibom states respectively.

What Daily Watch find Confusing is that there is not comprehensive
plan for the Program to even succeeded as the contracts are said to
have been discreetly awarded to APC leaders in the Different states
who in turn split same to the leaders in each local government there
by making the APC leaders the beneficiaries of the so called Home
Grown Feeding Program rather than the pupil who Laolu Akande was
portraying as the Beneficiaries of  500 billion in 2016 budgeted for
the program,500  billion in 2017 and anotherv500 billion in this years
budget making Daily Watch and many other Nigerians who are observant
of the deceptive feeding program to asked if the over a trillion and
five hundred Billion for the program would not have been channeled
into more productive ventures to employ more Nigerians that the
deceitful 50,000 none existing cooks the Media Aide to the VP was
alluding to in his phantom success Home Grown Feeding  days ago in the
Federal Capital.

Speaking With A community leader in Fenegbene Village in Ogbe Warri
South Local Government area About the so called program, the Leader
Chief Alex Bekederemo Lambasted the Government for the Deceit the
program is in the Primary school in his locality. In his Words ‘’’the
whole School feeding Program is a deceit to loot the country dry as
apart from one or twice in the past month have not seen any thing
tangible as per food related to the kids in my community where Ewein
Primary School is located except some persons are eating the said
money in the name of the school””

In Orugworun, the same story was given by Chief Atoprise Leleji who
claimed in all honesty that the program was absolute deceit if what is
applicable in his locality can be used as a stand point to judge other
local and states According to him ‘The school feeding program is an
abysmal failure that has not even commenced in schools in my locality
yet I hear great success story, What a blatant lie and deceit”’

In almost all communities visited by Daily Watch the people are aghast
that the program is said to be perfectly and religiously running and
an envisaged 5.5 million children expected to be fed in the end of
2017 when in fact more than ninety percent of the food or monies are
ferreted by those who are placed in charge of the program.

Daily Watch test Messages to the Media Aide to the Vice President who
in full glare of Press men gave this cheering information  Laolu
Akande about the true situation of the Home Grown Program was not
responded to by him despite over one week before going to press.


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