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Revealed: Why EFCC is running away from Top 25 Corruption Cases





ABUJA-As the allegation of a one sided anti -corruption war gathers momentum all over the  Country Daily Watch in its usual and encompassing
investigative pattern decided to take a long look at the various
/Petitions/Reports/indictments/cases the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission has either refused, killed, dodged or pretended not to know
existed even when they (EFCC) have the petitions/indictments/reports
etc  for reasons best known to the anti- graft body while it goes
after some lesser and at times shadow chasing and newspaper trail
after which the cases remained where it is-in the annals of history.

Daily Watch research and investigations unearthed several cases that
the public are waiting with great anxiety to see the anti-graft body
pursue with great zeal and media frenzy but till date nothing seem to
be heard of such cases.

Below is a long list of some cases the public is eagerly  awaiting
the EFCC to act on but which the anti-graft body seem to have either
forgotten about or left in the achieve to rot away.

1. Four Petitions against the ex-Governor of Edo state Adams Oshiomole
for over three years and still counting.

2. Three serious petitions in which Bonds taken by the ex-governor
Ekiti state and present minister for Solid minerals collected and
glaringly looted has remained uninvest gated like that of Oshiomole
running to three years which the case is dead on arrival till date

3.The cases against Ex-governor Timipre Silver over which the EFCC opt not to
appeal and shockingly returned Several billions and 48 seized houses
to the Ex-governor and the case went dead till date.

4. Senate report indicting ex-Secretary to the Federal government -of
the federation over which several millions and billions were  looted
and still been looted under ( PINE) Presidential Initiative on North

5  4.8 billion Dollar NIIA loot   hidden   at Osborne Tower for which
the EFCC launch its own investigations just as a presidential panel
was set up till date. No arrest, case closed.

6. Minister for information memo seeking financial assistance for a
private trip to several parastatals under his ministry till date swept
under EFCC rug.

7. Reports of minister for power, works and housing lootings in Lagos
till date nothing has been heard. No arrest, investigations or raid
till date.

8. Petitions from Rivers state government over Minister for Transport
multi Billion Naira looting in Rivers state till date petition in EFCC
cooler. No raids, investigations or arrest.

9. Ex-Governor Akume’s looting spree in Benue in his eight years of
governance in Benue is as dead as that of Fayemi.

10. Monumental looting amounting to several Billions by Zamfara
Governor of the Paris refund, investigations closed by EFCC. no
commissioner for Finance unlike Ekiti arrested or raids done

11.Monumental looting by Ex minister for Defence  Obanikoro dropped
till date as soon as he opt to join APC till date no Charges despite
all the newspaper trails.

12. Monumental looting with diverse panel report indicting the
Minister of Defense Abdulrahman Dambazau in 144 military hospital and
also  bought homes for billions in Boston USA and looted dry 144
Military Hospital Kaduna yet EFCC has all the evidences but yet to
carry out their raids ,investigations halted as  soon as he became APC

13. Chief of army Staff Yusuf Buratie use of Govt., fund to buy Dubai
Properties probe dropped like a hot pan by the EFCC till date.

14. Inspector General of Police billion Naira scam probe. Money for
Promotion etc dead on arrival all Petitions to EFCC.

15. El Rufai’s several billion naira payment to herdsmen that was not
budgeted for and not approved by the state House of Assembly not
investigated despite three Petitions.

16. Contracts splitting and award without due Process in NNPC Baru
others still in helm of affairs in NNPC till date.

17. Okorocha’s, Paris bail out petition just like the  Fayose but
Accountant General ,Commissioner for Finance still moving freely
unlike Ekiti.

18. Gov. Ortom Paris fund petitions like in Fayose for which raids had
already been done. Accountant general, Commissioner for Finance moving
free unlike Ekiti having same petition and case

19. New lootings at PINE with over four Petitions no raids,no
investigations till date.

20. House of Rep /Jubrin expose for which EFCC has not tried anyone
till date despite months of investigations.

21.Selling and re looting of recovered loots secretly for which EFCC
set up an in House investigative team after over four petitions.

22. Petitions on Aminu Tambuwal 120 billion naira Loan without House
Approval, Accountant General finance commissioners not raided.

23. Abba Kyare Chief of Staff 500 million naira bribe from Mtn from
which Kyare confessed collecting to fund Bayelsa election till date
EFCC still investigating, no raid, no press prosecution before trial,
no Press show, no arrest, no press display, no Sources report from
EFCC in newspapers.

24.Chief of Staff collection of Million dollar bribe from Mr. Jide
Omokore to help take him to plead his Case with Mr. President till
date lying dead under EFCC.

25.Dasuki’s  payments and three jeeps to President Buhari still not
probed or arrest made but some selected few  who got same gift  been
harassed, some facing cases in court(double Standard for the same


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