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Remove Nigerian Police Phobia from your minds, Yahaya Hassan urges Nigerians

Comrade Calistus Nnadika delivering his acceptance speech at the ceremony.

By Chukwudi Ejimofor, P/H.

Nigerians has been urged to obliterate the Nigeria Police phobia from their mind and imbibe the popular slogan of Police is your friend. The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Mile 1 Diobu Police Divisional Headquarters, CSP Yahaya Hassan made the charge in the address he presented at the 2019 Awards/End of the year ceremony of Mile 1 Diobu Police Divisional Headquarters unit of Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC) held at the Divisional Police Station in Port Harcourt.


CSP Yahaya stressed that Nigerian Police is making the necessary efforts to make sure that lives and property are safe and secured “It is pertinent to use this medium to highlight that Police is doing its best to protect lives and properties despite the fact that they place their lifes in the line to achieve that. Security is everybody’s business and the Police are not magicians they operate through intelligence gathering from the public. Yahaya stated


He pledged that the division will maintain their working relationship with the PCRC in the unit, and pleaded for their support the division. “We shall continue to work in synergy with the PCRC, accept my assurances that we shall commend anybody who through act of generosity ensures that the purpose of this ceremony is realized”.


In his speech, the Rivers State Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC) Chairman, Chief Casca Ogosu, called on the federal government to improve on the welfare and funding of Nigeria Police Force.


“The condition of their funding is bad. A situation Police presents Budget, National Assembly will approve half of the Budget, for one year when you share that into Police Divisions and Area Commands in this country as impress,  it won’t get to anywhere. The Nigeria Police needs proper funding for training, retraining and logistics for effective Policing in this country.


He stated further that Nigeria Police is acknowledged the best in Africa and rated amongst the best in the world.


”The parameters for the measurement is an international standard, in the UN peace keeping assignments, they are rated the best, and they win laurels for the country. The have been leaders of ECOWAS and AU contingents  in the Peace keeping operations. Why can’t you say they are the best.


He commended the Diobu Mile 1 unit of the body for their efforts of ensuring that the unit is effective in the committee of PCRC units in Rivers State.


Earlier, Joseph Okeafor Esq, the chairman of PCRC Diobu Police Divisional Headquarters reiterated that the unit was in comatose, according to him, until its rebirth on 14th of June 2017 when he took over the mantle of the leadership of the zone.


“The Division of PCRC was in near none functional before June 14th 2016, when I took over the mantle of leadership, hence the rebirth of the PCRC in this Division today. Today PCRC Mile 1 Division is second to none in the committee of PCRC in Rivers.


Barrister Okeafor poured encomium on the DPO of the Divisional Headquarters Yahaya Hassan through his managerial abilities as an astute Police Officer has achieved a lot toward policing the area. He posited further that the ceremony was organized to generate funds from members and general public to enhance effective Police services in the Division.


“CSP Yahaya Hassan has shown capacity that he can do more than what he is doing now, if adequate incentives are put in place in the division, therefore we should support the Division to combat crimes and criminality in the area.


The essence of the award ceremony is to see how we can appeal to ourselves and the general public out of generosity see how we can effect positively to what is need for Police services in this division” he stated.


One of the prominent Awardee, Comrade Calistus Nnadika, Chairman Garden City Building Materials Association in Rivers State, who was decorated with the investiture of Police Friendly Fellow, hyped on the common notion that Nigerian Police is under performing in the Nigeria.


”Police as human beings are not perfect, but within the confine of their duties they are doing their best. They still have their shortcomings as human beings maybe because of the poor funding they are getting from the federal government. Within the confine of the support they are getting, they are trying their hardest. The Federal government should invest more on policing in this country because they are the safety hope of the common man in this country, federal government is not doing enough for the Nigerian Police.


On his nomination for the award, Comrade Nnadika expressed that “My nomination for this award did not come to me as a surprise, because I used the instrument as the Chairman of my association to assist the Police in terms of logistics and other necessary incentives to support them in carrying out their national assignments.


The ceremony featured twenty-Two investitures in different categories, goodwill messages, funfairs and Dinner.




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