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Religious centres open in Ekiti Amidst control

St. Patrick Catholic Church, Afaha Inang where worshipers were dismissed from having Mass on Palm Sunday in Uyo
By Ayodele Oni
True to government promise, regimented jumat service and Sunday worship for Muslims and Christian faithfuls kicked off in Ekiti state last Friday and Sunday respectively.
This is part of the measures to relax stringent measures imposed in the wake of the break out of the dreaded global pandemic, Covid 19.
The steps, announced by the state governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, allow religious adherents to observe their worship for two hours, 10.00am to noon on Fridays and Sundays only for now.
Persons whose ages are below 16 and above 65, are however barred from attending churches and mosques for now as they are said to be more prone to the pandemic.
The state task force coordinator on Covid 19, Prof Bolaji Aluko, while shedding light on the measures put in place by the government explained that the worship centres are to ensure that people coming in observe all Covid 19 protocols, which include wearing of face masks, provision of hand sanitizers with not more than 50 worshippers at a time.
Also as from Monday, students in JSS three class, are to join their counterparts in SSS three that had resumed since last week, to enable them prepare for their terminal examination.
Dr Aluko revealed that members of the task force have been going round to ensure compliance with laid down guidelines, which has led to sanctions for those that run foul.
According to him, some  pharmacy, supermarket and other food institutions have been sealed for violating various covid 19 guidelines during inspections by the taskforce compliance unit.
He appealed to operators of retail centres and other public places to obey the simple guidelines of usage of infra-red thermometers, functional water sanitizer stands, mask-wearing by all staff and patrons,  and social distancing within the premises.
“These guidelines are for the health and safety of all Ekiti residents. The coronavirus pandemic is still with us,” he added.
Ekiti still remains one of the states that have least record of Covid 19 patients, with two deaths recorded. Among victims of the pandemic are Governor Kayode Fayemi, commissioners and Aides.




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