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Released Boko Haram commander in swap deal launches unravel threats in new video



           *As Nigerian government plans release of thousand more in what is shockingly termed ‘De-radicalized Reformed Sect members’


ABUJA- A new Video from the Boko Haram sects has sent shock waves all over the country prompting many in to asking if the releases of Boko Haram suspects either in form of swap or deradicalized formant is a reasonable way to go in a period of war with the Sect.

In the Video one of the Boko Haram Commanders that was swapped with over 360 billion for the over 84 recently released Chibok girls gave a scattering warning to Nigerians and the Nigerian government of the sect imminent attack on Nigerians and Nigeria and would prove to the whole world that the Boko Haram Sect is neither defeated  technically or otherwise as the President Mohammadu Buhari and the Military want people to believe.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that several of the Sect Members been released by the Government and Military as having been de- radicalized are said to be moving back to the Group and help fortifying the group thereby helping the group rather than reducing its potency.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that already in the Weeks ahead another sets of arrested sect members said to have been de-radicalized would again be released to the society with no one in know of how these same ex Boko boys would go at the end of the day.

The Boko Haram Commander who goes by the name Moni and one of those that was given back to the sect in exchange for the chibok girls recently released with fanfare through the Swedish government effort in negotiating with the Sect also vowed to make Nigeria know that the group are the King of the Forest.



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