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Relationship: Defeating Low Sperm Count with Native Remedy


By Dr. Amromabor Ajaitar

Many marriages and affinity are either about to pack up or already
packed up and many who are not considering packing up their marriages
have spent thousands in not million trying to overcome medically the
serious problem of low sperm count.


Low sperm count put in a simple language devoid of the usual
medical jargons is simply the difficulty of a man getting his wife of
girlfriend pregnant as a result of a weak sperm, a sperm too watery to
get the lady pregnant.

In seventy percent of married couples not getting kids the major and
salient factor is this monster popularly called low sperm count and it
has led to many beautiful affinity, marriages packing up as a result
of the man most times blaming the wife for her inability to get
pregnant when in fact it is a problem of the male who hardly go for
text to try know the exact problem.

Today in our love/relationship column we are taking a look at how to
tackle this menace at a very low cost than the several thousands and
millions of naira many are using medically to fight this serious
marriage destroyer worldwide.

Firstly, a man suffering from the low sperm count debacle must as a
matter of importance flee from the consumption of bear hot gin and
just any alcoholic drink except the ones made to serve as  treatment
through herbal process’.

Secondly, a man suffering from the low sperm count syndrome must
also take flight from the habits of taking tobacco meaning he must do
away with all forms of Cigarettes , Indian hemp etc

Again a man having this problem should as a matter of serious
importance stop the abuse of drugs and stop  hard drugs that many take
in other to be high.

If and when all these are stopped then the first step towards curing
permanently the problem of LOWSPERM count would be the easiest to cure
with very common and cheap every day materials in our home and


1}  A big  but empty bottle of aromatic schnapps or ragolis container

2)One bottle of original/pure honey(note it must be pure honey)

3) Ten cups of ogbono


Simply grind your ogbono into total powdery level without single mix
of water as it must be totally powdery and placed in a sealed
container or the ragolis or schnapps bottle

Then first thing every morning before breakfast say 30 minutes
before breakfast   two tots/glass used in taking alcohol   of the
powdery ogbono should be placed in a glass and a substantial quantity
say half a glass used in drinking water of honey poured into it and
mixed properly and taken and again repeated before going to bed.

This must be done for exactly two weeks and after which the patient
should either go for text or go to bed with his wife as the issue of
low sperm count would have either totally out of the way or down to
the lever where the wife can be impregnated.

Reader’s responses after trial would be appreciated, Next week a
second local process for same low sperm count would be treated.


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