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Rejoinder: Hon. Dan Yingi, a law maker per excellence with massive projects


Hon. Dan Yingi, law maker, Delta State house of  assembly from Burutu north constituency



The attention of the office above has being drawn to a publication in the public domain otherwise known as a press statement made by the group having one Comr. Iyebo Clement as the group Secretary General.

As an institution, we are not moved or being dismayed by the said press releases at different occasion, it actually have no pulse on us to respond but for the purpose of wanting to enlighten and as to correct the impression herein as being sent and sold in the public domain, the office therefore which to respond as it is been raised.

On the 21/04/2018, a press release was issued in the social media space by the group above with the title ”

HON YINGI: A REPRESENTATION OF FAILURE, HAVE WASTED OVER SIX YEARS OF THE BURUTU PEOPLE” the title itself is self serving, a subterfuge and aberration acting out the script of ghost gladiators. In the publication, it is said “in the need to push for good governance” above all as posited by the group in Burutu LGA, Hon. Dan Yingi has “replicated failure upon failure in the last 6 or 7-years”.

We make bold to say that, Hon. Dan Yingi is not a representative of failure neither has he wasted years in DTHA nor replicated failure upon failure as the group claims.

It is on record, Hon. Dan’s membership in the house is a voice that has endeared and fast tracked robust development to the Burutu North constituency.

We are yet to comprehend to what must have informed the decision of the group to tag Hon. Dan as a failure in their new found world and to what template they thus arrived at the word failure.

Hon. Dan in the house from 2011 to date has influenced, initiated and facilitates laudable and people oriented projects in each ward and community in the constituency as well as carrying out constituency projects. The projects are there to be verified.


  1. Hon. Daniel Yingi should tell Burutu North Constituents what he has achieved as a two time member in DTHA

ANS: Hon. Dan has achieved more than what the hand could type. His presence in the house has given the constituency a voice, he is punctual to duty, he carries out his responsibility or duty as a lawmaker, making laws(moving motions, sponsor and cosponsoring bills i.e people oriented) influence projects (people oriented) and is also performing oversight functions.

In the house from 2011 to date, he has influenced and initiated people oriented projects to the various wards and communities in the constituency, he equally carried out constituency projects, some of these project are;

° Odimodi – fencing of Eluwe P/s

° Kou – construction of semidetached bungalow

° Burutu- construction of a modernised 6block of classroom, Ofou P/s (constituency project)

° Obotebe – fencing of Obotebe Sec. Sch

° Gbekebor- construction of a MDGs partnership Health center; construction of a semidetached bungalow as teachers quarter

° Kiagbodo – construction of a civic center

° Bikorogha – construction of a teachers quarter

° Ayakoromo – complete fencing of health center; comprehensive renovation of blocks of classroom, Ngbilebiri P/s

° Provision of Solar Powered Lights at some communities in the constituency

° Enekorogha – construction of a 6block classroom

° Okpokunu – construction of a 3block classroom with a Corper’ lodge

° Edegbene – construction of a model 6block of classroom

° OBORO – had no secondary school compound but today with Hon. Dan, there is a constructed secondary school block of classrooms with well furnished compound ( constituency project,)

° Over six thousands chairs and tables meant for teachers/students/pupils were provided and supplied to various schools to further improve learning conditions in the constituency. (Constituency projects)

° Edegbene – a construction of a concrete pavement road under construction

° Okpokunu – a construction of a concrete pavement road

° Okpokunu – a fourline solar powered water toilet in the market; a sixline solar powered water toilet in the Sec.school (constituency projects)

– Strategic Empowerment: over 500 widows and aged considered vulnerable in the constituency are being provided for in the past 6 years with the needed support like wise OUTBOARD ENGINE/CARS were being given to atleast 2persons each in a ward and some instances community in the constituency, the youth benefits majorly on the OUTBOARD ENGINES which is to enable them to contribute meaningfully through water transport system while a number of cars were being given to certain individuals in the various communities in the wards as part of strategic empowerment (names withheld)

– We have empowered and engaged over 400 artisans on Skilled Acquiring and Entrepreneur Development (SAED) with starter packs across the constituency.

– At present over 180 pupils and students of all academia are on the scholarship scheme of Hon. Dan Yingi.

– Over 100 jamb forms have being bought to constituents for higher learning endeavor.

Others include; Burutu, Sokebulo township roads, Modern school in Obotebe, full blown accreditation of Burutu Marine School, Construction of landing Jetty at Okrika, Renovation of Assembly hall at Ngbile P/s just to mention. Funny enough, all the aforementioned jobs were given to sons and daughters from the wards, please make your findings.

The score card is there for all to see and the works so far is speaking and as such we have something to campaign for hence we will not suspend our campaign but carry on with it, we will not kill our reelection bid but revoke, reawake and reaffirm it. This we shall be committed to do and publish for victory is certain.

Now that the air is cleared and the public is been enlightened on Hon. Dan’s achievements having given a visible accounts on the achievements thus far, as an institution, we need no further confidence to be considered for reelection.

Also, let me quickly reiterate that, the press release on the 22/04/2018 with the issuance of red card on the person of Hon. Dan Yingi is indeed childish as well as the issues raised so far.

It is on record, every now and then, there is always a briefing and stewardship. Hon. Dan in adherence to what is expected has given himself to constituency briefing, this he has done and will be doing when the time comes.

The statement ” a politician will compel approximately nine of his aides to share a monthly stipend belonging to one person among all his aides” is fallacious and a lie of the century, there is absolutely no truth in it.

The name quoted in the release is truly a man we know and acknowledged as a former Legal Aide, it never came as a surprise because everything he Barr. Alex Akemotubo said is a subterfuge, we have no word for him rather the public should ignore him for this is what he is known for, Barr. Alex Akemotubo should bury his head in shame, we have a video footage of everything that happened to why he is now a former aide.

For the umpteenth time, there is no politician in Burutu LGA that has done or can beat the track records of Hon. Dan Yingi both in infrastructure and human capacity building. He has emplaced above all the right and working indices so far to attract development to the region.

Legislative business goes beyond the vibrant, motions and bills periphery but to attract development to the people which is key.

It is pertinent to aver that, while we crusade for accountability and good governance, we should not be gullible and myopic in our quest to emplace such.

Let the drives be positive and goal oriented. Purge the objectives and goals from being solo and a mono directed.

As a group of young people, the quest so far is a success on character assassination.

The office of the Hon member is open to constructive criticism and as such we expect that areas done well should be commended.

It is not enough to cast aspersions especially when afar, a book is not to be judge by its covers, as academia per excellence cum comrades, the sane thing to do is to take a bold step towards our representative to know and as well provide your submissions that will ameliorate whatever grey areas. So far, Hon. Dan has never embezzled constituency fund that actually warrant calling his head or cornered projects all to himself.

We should leave all personal gain and premeditated anger and be objective and analytical to facts based criticism. Facts is the principle of an ideal society.

I tell us the truth, as a lawmaker, Hon. Dan is very much on course in all areas of legislation.


Mr. Patrick Amaye

Aide on Media and Communication




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