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Reasons Buhari can’t declare genocidal herders as terrorists or abort RUGA plots

Muhammadu Buhari and Boko Haram

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

The grand Brouhaha over Several shocking decisions of the Buhari’s administration that seemed to be more of favourable to the Fulani’s or what the most ardent critic   of the administration would call Fulanization agenda seemed to be mere noise as the administration doesn’t seemed to  budged by the mass hysteria that has greeted almost all its policies.

Daily watch findings exposed  solid five reasons why President Buhari doesn’t seemed to be perturb or concerned by the general hysteria of his pro -Fulani agenda or the call for the Proscription of the Miyyiti Allah and its declaration as a terrorist organization.

According to investigations ,the five reasons are basically the same factors that has totally pushed Nigeria to the Precipice.

The first is as a result of the President long years of been life Patron  of the Mayiti  Allah organization which has seen the President long before becoming Nigerian Civilian President fighting the course of the Fulani killer group known as the Miyiti Allah as their Life Patron and his coming to power has not changed that love and spirit he has for his fellow brothers and it is this very shocking affinity that has stopped him from touching the most dangerous killer group in Nigeria and one declared by the UNO as the fourth most dangerous Terrorist Group in the world.

What this means is that a Patron of Fulani Killer s popular called herders cannot turn around to declare his members as terrorist even though he was quick to declare the IPOB that are non Violent as a terrorist group while identifying the Fulani killers as mere criminal gangs.

Another reason for President Buhari love and Soft spot for the headers and Fulani in general  even with the Mayitti Allah’s group has to do with his inner most desire to back them in the fight to reclaim what they called “their Land” which  practically meant all grazing routes the Military administration in years past designated for grazing of cows but which today the Fulani herders are claiming are theirs by right as such must be returned and open to them even though development has made it impracticable to do so. The President, his Ex-minister for Interior, Ex-Inspector General of Police, Ex Defense Ministers and several other Fulani’s in his administration during the height of Genocide in Benue spoke glaringly of that same route blockade as the factor that has led to the mass killing by the Miyyiti Allah group instead of dealing with the self help methodology of the Killer herdsmen

Thirdly, the recent secret meet of several top Fulani’s in Nigeria and the direct decision to create colonies that would become properties of the headers as against the Ranching principle that is done worldwide and which the Benue and Taraba state government has adopted is another firm reasons why the administration would no matter what forge ahead with every pro Fulani decision and crush every opposition against that decision and the Present RUGA game plot is simply another name for the Cattle Colony that was rejected and a simple way of creating a Fulani emirate in all the states of Nigeria no matter what.

Another reason is the belief of the President that he is the arrow head of the final phase of the fulfillment of a long state of the father of the Fulani’s who claimed that the Koran would be taken to the deep rivers of the South South and this long spoken statement is stylishly been implemented by the Buhari’s administration with firm zeal and ultimate determination not minding whose ass is goad.

The last reason for the refusal of President Mohammadu Buhari to back down on his pro Fulani agenda and plot which has seen the administration openly taken several firm pro Fulani decision against  the over 250 Language speakers in Nigeria is his determination to be seen as the next Ahmadu Bello hence his ruthlessness when it concerns the Fulani’s. Take for instance the administration setting up a Federal Radio for the Fulani’s in a country of 250 Languages, the creating of a so called RUGA in all 36 states for the Fulanis in a nation of over 250 Languages speakers, his preference for Fulanis in all the Nations Security heads in a country of 250 Languages, the speaking of the Fulani language in all Security meet with Nigerian Security Chiefs, his firm description of a killer group like the Miyiti Allah as mere Criminal gang but quick to put on Military Camouflage to Zamfara to chase Cattle Rustler while thousands are killed yet no whimper from him etc all points to a massive love for the Fulani and the Fulani agenda which he has tacitly vowed to unfold fully in this 2nd term.



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