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Real reason Sultan of Sokoto surfaces with President Buhari in Saudi Arabia

File Photo: President Muhammadu Buhari and Sultan of Sokoto

*Went  begging over plots to break his kingdom

By Isa Yusuf

That the Sultan of Sokoto also surfaced in far away Saudi Arabia with President Mohammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu, Mamman Duara and several other  Presidential entourage when the President went to perform his religious Obligations in the Holy Land in far away Saudi Arabia is no more news but the news is the real reason that motivated the grand trip of the Grand royal master in such haste to the seat of Islam is what has not been told.


Daily watch Sources Confirmed that the speed by the Sultan to the Holy Land to see the President was borne out of his desire and plot to buy his way back to the favour book of the Presidency after been accused secretly in the Villa of Backing the Candidature of Atiku Abubakar and  the PDP Governor Elect in the Sokoto elections.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that unlike Sanusi and the Gbong Gwon of Kano and Plateau the Sokot state high monarch is also slated for a massive dose of humiliation as his Emirates is also marked for splitting such that he would have less than four local government to control under his Emirate in the same way Sanusi was humiliated before been saved by the Courts.

Daily Watch sources has it that following the tales that the presidency has bought into the Sokoto Tribunal with the intent to upturn Saminu Tmbuwal Victory except he moves to the APC after swearing in on May 29th since Sooto can not be left in the hands of the Opposition, the revered Traditional ruler had to do a fast but drastic thinking to save himself and his emirate from balkanization on the pat of the APC in case the Tribunal verdict went as been speculated in the state among the APC top leaders that the President has assured them of his  massive interest in the state and the need to use all Federal powers to take it back to the APC using blackmailed judges in charg of the Tribunals or Presidential powers to see it through if Tambuwal failed to decamp back to the APC and in that case would have seen the Sultan of Sokoto open to his own dose of humiliation as in Kano.

It was this fear that was said to have propelled and sent the once mighty Sultan running down to Saudi Arabia to plead on his kneels despite his royal status for forgiveness for his sins of backing the PDP Presidential and Governorship Candidate in the recent concluded Presidential/Governorship Elections.

While Daily watch cannot confirm or hazard a guess if the revered Monarch got his heat desire met by the President through assurances from the Oracle in the Villa but the gist in the seat of the Sultanate is that the Sultan has gotten reprieve from the Villa following the hurried visit and  massive plea and  condescending genuflecting in far away Saudi Arabia.

Daily Watch Spirited attempts to get some semblance of confirmation of this great news of reprieve for the Sultan who before now was in panic over the treatment meted out to Emir Sanusi was not feasible as silent was the one word in the eyes of all spoken to on the issue.


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