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Real reason Ibikunle Amosun fiercely against Dapo Abiodun, APC gov, candidate exposed

Gov. Ibikunle Amosun

*Dapo been used by Tinubu to take over full control of the Rich Tax from proximity to Lagos.

That Adams Oshiomole and the APC have been fervent in their resolve to stand by the candidate of Dapo Abiodun rather than the stooge of Ibikunle Amosun in spite of all efforts to the contrary has finally been exposed.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the strong stand on Dapo had to do with the affinity between the APC Candidate in Ogun State and the APC big Boss Bola Tinubu of Lagos state.

Daily Watch Sources has it that Bola Tinubu the self acclaimed National leader of the APC is the major cause  of the rift in Ogun state as a result of his desire to take firm control of all the Western states.

Daily Watch Sources has it that Dapo knowing he would lost out in the Political battle in Ogun state under Amosun took a plunge to dine under the table of the Jagaban of Lagos state who too was highly desirous of controlling Ogun, Ondo and Ekiti state so as to be in full control of the South West and his alignment with Dapo was totally instrumental to the shenanigans that Adams Oshiomole and the APC played on Amosun to scheme his Candidate out of the APC ticket.

Daily watch findings had it that it was the full weight of Bola Tinubu that eventually swayed the ticket to Dapo as against the Candidate of Amosun who actually won the APC Primary.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the basic aim of Tinubu is simply to take over the Western states and promote a total takeover of the tax Collection process through his Alpa Beta which has been the sole tax Collector in Lagos over the years and has garnered rich percentages from such collections which he intend extending to other Western states and which Amosun candidate like Akerodolu in Ondo state would have vehemently opposed to.

Already the APC is now divided into two in Ogun state with Dapo as the legitimate APC candidate and the Amosun candidate the APC two in a different Party but how this divisions would work in favour of the Party come 2019 with the APC led Governor in the state vowing to work against the Legitimate APC candidate in the coming elections.

Daily Watch reached out to Spokes person of the Governor of Osun state who totally confirmed that Dapo is the candidate of Bola Tinubu foisted on the Party by Bola Tinubu and Oshiomole for their future economic benefits which the Amosun led government and APC would totally work against come 2019.





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