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Randy Prof Akindele’s suspension: He is notorious for this acts, married women too are not safe- Students


    Prof. Akindele  Richard

That a Pastor and Professor in the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife was caught on phone demanding five rounds of hot sex to top the marks of one Miss. Monica Osetobe Osagien a Post Graduate Student on the Masters of business Administration (Regular programe) is no more news neither is the suspension of the said Professor by the University but the story this time is how many students of the institution reacted to the issues.

Daily Watch investigations and fact finding trip to the citadel of learning as shocking and as revealing just like the allegations which have earned the erudite professor suspension already.

According to  most of the students spoken to  the acts for which Prof Akindele is suspended for is not a new issue in the institution as almost half of the academic team in the institution is involved in the trade by barter where female students, including married women too are not exempted; give their body to lecturers even some old enough to be their father for marks.

The students were thev same in their claims that the professors is highly notorious for the act which has earned him a special sobriquet amongst the students both male and female for his love of the female anatomy which he treasures so much.

According to the students, most time the professor  intentionally lie to female students about failing his course just with the intent of taking them to bed when in truth they never did and at times intentionally failed those he has eyes for with the hope of using the failure yardstick to convince them to collect some rounds of sex.

According to one of the students spoken to Shola Adigun ‘’This issue of Sex for marks is not a new trend here as most females, including married women too  have graduated by just sleeping their way through without any serious studies and Richard Akindele is notorious for this game was this time just unlucky because  this is not his first victim and also  many other lecturers  are also involved in it so it is nothing strange to us in this institution, it is now strange or sound bad because the young girl involved is a very decent girl who values her self-esteem to going than low with her lecturer for marks if not so it is an everyday occurrence in this institution and almost all those investigating the professor because his case was made public via the recorded conversation are also involved in this sex for marks game’’.

All attempts by Daily Watch to reach out to the amiable professor over the issue and his suspension by the university Authorities was not possible as he has built a wall of fence around himself, also all efforts  by Daily Watch to get to the bold and very dynamic lady involved in the whole saga was also not feasible as she is said to have gone underground over threat to her life by unknown callers.




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