Puzzle: Between Ngige, Boss Musterpher and Fashola who is telling the truth?


*As APC leaders seemed to be lost on what Achievements in three years to use for campaign.

Some leaders of the APC recently instead of campaigning with the many so called achievements of the Present administration to up their chances of winning the 2019 elections are rather using the 2023 Presidential bait to lure the voters in what has become like a grand deceit.

Daily Watch  was present days ago in far away Obosi in Idimili Local government Area of Anambra state were the Minister for Labour addressed  reporters and categorically told the Igbos that the President has promised to cede 2023 Presidency to the South EAST so far the Igbos vote the APC  come 2019.

According to Ngige “This Man Buhari has for years left to do and go away and automatically the Igbos would take over from him but on our own if we the Igbos leave this shortest route to power   by voting any other party than the APC would see us losing out totally in the 2023 presidency that Buhari has already agreed to give us”

This same tale is at the same time been peddled by no other person but this time the Minister for Power and Housing Chief Fashola who several has openly told many Yorubas that the shortest route for the Yorubas to get Power in 2023 is to vote Buhari in the 2019 elections for a 2nd term so as for Buhari to hand over power to Osibanjo the Vice President at the end of the 2nd tenure.

The same time the Secretary to the Federal Government weeks ago told Visiting Igbo leaders to Abuja that the Government of Buhari has agreed to give the Presidency to the Igbos come 2023 so far the Igbos should show their readiness by voting Buhari in 2019 to get their 2023 dream on course.

What is Confusing to Daily Watch  and many Nigerians is how many people are the same APC leaders promising to give the 2023 tickets to in seeking for 2019 votes? is it that the APC leaders like Fashola, Ngige and even the Secretary to the Federal Government and several others have no solid achievements on ground to campaign with that 2023 Presidential ticket is now the major selling point for the APC in 2018? Or is it simply a new campaign strategy after the change mantra of 2015?this seem to be the question on the Lips of many Igbos at Obosi as Buhari Minister sell the same 2023 Presidential ticket deceit to the Igbos and at the same time to the Yorubas in absence of what to campaign with as achievement after four years.





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