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Prophet Omoto vindicated as blackmailer apologizes for soft landing in court



By Esther Eugene, Warri


Accused blackmailer Mr. Boukan Godwin who was arrested and arraigned  before a magistrate court 1 in Ughelli with his partner in crime Mr. Amos Waki have formally apologized to their victim, Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, founder and spiritual leader of Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry (CMDM) in Warri, after a family peace meeting with the renowned prophet in the church in Delta state.

Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto became vindicated after Godwin Boukan made a public apology on behalf of his partner Amos Waki in his official Facebook page.

The two accused are already  facing trial, Mr. Boukan Godwin  and Mr. Waki Amos were afraid of going to jail as their trial was given speedy hearing decided to opt for a soft landing before meeting the court resumption deadline of 3rd December, 2020. They gathered family members to plead with their victim, Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin for givenness and to tamper justice with mercy as his children.

It would be recalled that, the final judgement of the blackmail case between Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, Amos Wanki and Godwin Boukan was to have final hearing  on the 3rd (Today) of December, 2020 at magistrate Court 1, Ughelli.

As the case is pending before a competent court, observers could not guess what the law or the fate of the two blackmailers. Some respondents said the offenders have pleaded guilty and asked for forgiveness outside court settlement before final day hearing at court. But said since the case is before a competent court judge, the jury will decide on what to do as a criminal offence against the state. Could this be handy work of God and prayers by the man of God? This is so following the rantings by the blackmailers in social media. In all, it is a victory for God and Christendom in Nigeria as one of the great man of God is being vindicated in a dicey blackmail case with series of accusations and counter accusations within and outside Nigeria, also connected to another African great Prophet with a trending video of scandal and alleged blackmail.

Watch another video obtained by Daily Watch

Also, watch this video of the same witch doctor which broke the Carmel’s back of heated legal battle between the Prophet and the two blackmailers who wanted to swindle huge millions from the man of God over the videos.


See screenshot  page from Boukan Godwin official Facebook page below.

Read below excerpt of one of the blackmailers apology on his Facebook page after family meeting with the prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin who pleaded guilty and asked for forgiveness.

His apology reads, “I Boukan Godwin sincerely apologize to you Prophet Omoto Jeremiah Fufeyin of the Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry, Warri in Delta State for trending witch-doctor video in social media and other traditional media, where you was allegedly connived with a witch-doctor to criticize one South Africa based man of God, Pst. J. Israel.

” I want to note for record purposes that Prophet Omoto Jeremiah Fufeyin was not involved in any said video which leaked to the social media space.

” I also want forgiveness from all members and partners of the Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry and disregard such unguided, unverified, slanderous and malicious video that intended to tarnish the good reputation of the God sent man of God, Prophet Omoto Jeremiah Fufeyin.

“I want to make for clarification and documentation that Prophet Omoto Jeremiah Godwin to the best my knowledge is not involved in such scandalizous activities of tarnishing any man of God in any form.

“Finally, I want to thank Snr. Prophet Omoto for accepting our most heartfelt apologies and I also want it to be on record that I did not grant any reporter interview as to this matter because I stand by the peace accord reached with Snr. Prophet Omoto in presence of Hon. Bullet Otuaro, Bishop Piniki, Pst. Arex Akemotubo, Chief Kodokodo, my parents and others” Boukan Godwin” pleaded guilty and had apologized in his official Facebook page.




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