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Pretty Miss Barda cries for help to prevent total blindness





*Begs N2m Financial Assistance to restore her Sight


Kiagbodo- Different people beg God for different reasons.  This beautiful girl begged God and well-meaning Nigerians for only one thing, to regain her sight to see like her relatives and friends. Miss Blessing Barda, 27 years who hails from Kiagbodo, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta state.


Blessing with charming natural beauty without make-ups is  gradually going totally blind due to ulcer infection in her eyes, unless Deltans and Nigerians come to her aid as soon as possible with the sum of three million naira(N3,000,000:00) to enable her undergo an operation at an eye specialist hospital operated by Indians in Kaduna.

Miss Barda who has undergone an operation of cornea transplant

sponsored by the NDDC at the instance of reference letter of

introduction by a prominent Deltan disclosed that her problem started

in 2005 saying since then, she and her peasant family had

passed through a lot of challenges among which were being duped of

scarce resources by unscrupulous people, extortion of money among



According to Miss Barda who now feels dejected and rejected further

disclosed that she had gone to several eye hospitals with recommendations, treatment and tests were made but lack of money to

Properly follow up had made her case to be deteriorating, hence she

has no other option now than to cry out to public spirited

individuals, Delta State Government, Burutu Local Government Council

as well as Non-Governmental Organisations to help to avoid going

completely blind.


She said in tears while narrating her ordeal to Daily Watch in Kiagbodo, “these issues aggravated because there was no money to

go to a better hospital with better facilities to get good treatment.

Since then I have been going to Benin once every month for treatment

and drugs. But sometimes I do skip the monthly appointment because of

Financial constraints.


‘‘The  female optician then referred me to a specialist hospital in Kaduna

called Relish Eye Hospital, this hospital is managed by the Indians.I

went to Kaduna and a test was carried out to ascertain the level of

damage to know if the right eye can still be operated upon so that my

sight can be restored. The result shows that there is 90% chance of

complete restoration of my sight but treatment will cost

N2,000,000:00. Please come to my aid to give me back my sight.”


While expressing appreciation to all in anticipation of positive and

quick response by either the state government, Burutu L.G. Council or

public spirited individuals, Miss Barda gave details of how she could

be reached with donations:


Account Name: Jane Barda


Account Number: 3084575262


Bank Name: First Bank


Phone Number: 07035383650






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