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Pressure mounts on another Buhari’s aide fake certificate holder to resign

Mr. Okoi Obonlo Obla

*Obonlo Obla, special assistant to President Buhari on prosecution to resign soon over forged WAEC Certificate

*As lobby team hit Presidency for his retention

By Gabriel Ojigbo

Following the forced resignation of Kemi Adeosun Nigerian Minister for Finance over NYSC Certificate Forgery pressure is now overe. There is another pressure again been mounted on another certificate scammer Obonlo Obla Special assistant to President Mohammadu Buhari on Prosecution to follow suit.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the grand swell pressure for Obonlo Obla resignation is coming less than two days after the Nigeria for finance Minister dumped her much exalted job over the fake exemption certificate she had been parading.

Obonlo Obla who  accused and confirmed to have not only used the WAEC Certificate of Another person to gain admission to the University of Jos to pursue a degree in Law is also said to have doctored the said  result to have a Credit in English with which he deceived the University of Jos to get a Degree in law which he now parades before Nigerians.

Daily watch findings confirmed that following the resignation of Kemi Adeosun Several top members of the Presidency including professor Itsa Sargy are said to be mounting strong pressure on the government to also drop the Prosecution top brass so as to weed out some kind of garbage with which the opposition would use to hit at the President during the coming Presidential elections.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that while the forged certificate prosecution aide is still sitting tight on his job as at today despite pressure to quite great lobby team by  several top members of the administration are said to be putting words for his stay on the position as against serious pressure and call for his resignation  for a gigger offence of forging a WAEC certificate when placed side by side with that of Kemi Adeosun.

How things would play out in the days ahead cannot be known for now but the pressure seemed to be mounting to high heaven for the very vocal and mouthy anti corruption aide to give way just like Kemi Adeosun since certificate forgery itself is also a profound corrupt act.

Daily Watch tried Severally to Speak With the grand Certificate forger Obonlo Obla special Assistant on Prosecution to President Buhari to clear the air on not just his parade of a fake WAEC Certificate but the doctoring of same to read C 6 in English to gain admission to University of Jos was rebuffed by his aides who were harsh to Daily Watch reporter.






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