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Presidential cabal pockets over N1 trillion from anti-corruption dividend in less than four years

Muhammadu Buhari, Mamman Duara and Abba Kyari

*As thieves throng to cabal to pay percentages to get off EFCC problem

By Ahmed Ahmadu

The fight against corruption in Nigeria in the past four years seemed to have yielded bountiful harvest for the Presidential Cabal supervising the EFCC and totally killing the anti Graft war that has turned the most talked about EFCC in the past to a mere toothless bulldog that now only seemed to be running after just Yahoo boys and perceived opponents of the Present administration.

Daily Watch Sources in the office of the Chief of Staff to the President confirmed that the Anti Graft war which is supposed to be fought by the EFCC has totally become a sort of Business for the Cabal which simply collects certain percentages of looted funds and let go the thieves.

Daily Watch Sources in the office of the Chief of staff to the President confirmed that no day passes without hordes of persons with petitions and cases with the EFCC rush to the office of the Chief of Staff to negotiate their freedom after paying certain percentage of what they loot in return for total freedom with the EFCC totally mute over the monetary deal fr total freedom from prosecution or investigations as the EFCC every day just run around Nigeria pursuing Yahoo Yahoo boys as their major fight has been totally seized from them by their controlling authority.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that over one Trillion Naira must have been made by the Cabal in their percentage for freedom deal that has seen almost all thieves gaining freedom from their petitions, cases etc with the payment of several Millions and Billions depending on the extent and status of loot.

Daily watch Sources has I that the EFCC not is merely just about the yahoo yahoo small boys with even the bigger ones also knowing where to pay their percentages o to avoid prosecution as almost all the investigators under the EFCC have become idle with little or no case to investigate at all.

Daily watch attempts to know from the EFCC why these days all we hear of the EFCC is just arrest  and hunting of Yahoo Boys and no Politicians  and with even those under Prosecution having their cases taken over by the Ministry of justice after which the cases are dropped  without further actions on them like that of the Present NJC Secretary whose case was formally stopped y the Justice Ministry on Orders of the Chief of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari Abba Kyari and the thief reappointed into NJC  as Secretary after looting Supreme Court where he served as registrar dry  in the tune of Several Billions and then paying some percentages as tithe to the Cabal  to get the case dropped was not answered by the EFCC Spokesman Tony Orilade despite over six messages on the same topic to his line.







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