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Presidency selected investigation on privatization under Obasanjo intensifies to cage Atiku



* El-Rufai imprints against Atiku fails



From all indication the Presidency and APC doesn’t seem to take the
movement of Atiku from the Party for granted rather the Presidency and
the Party has delved in to more serious investigations into the
Obasanjo Administration with the sole intent to cage Atiku.

Weeks back the Presidency was said to have dispatch a high powerd
delegation to the United states to lay hand on the Senator Jeffersons
trial with the intent of sourcing for materials to nail, Atiku but to
their shock the former Vice President was neither indicted or summoned
to answer any question on the Jefferson’s bribe saga rather only what
was in the whole dossier was less than a page that had Atiku name
mentioned in Pass as the person in Nigeria to whom Jefferson mentioned
he desired to give the 500 dollars bribe to but there was no
evidence, trace of proof that Atiku or even Jefferson had a prior
discussion on the issue as the investigators this time the FBI where
of the opinion that Jefferson was just dropping Atiku name to ease his
Business of selling business deals to his own client.

Daily watch series of investigations in Abuja confirmed that the
Presidency after series of search all over the UAE and several other
countries in the world over to locate Properties and cash belonging to
Abubaker was only Able to come out with his Mansion in the united
states said to have been bought long before Atiku became Nigeria Vice

The Presidency was said to have Weeks ago set up another crack team
made of four top EFCC investigators, four DSS officers and four from
the NIIA to look into all the  previtalisation deals during the
Obasanjo administration  in which Atiku was said to have been directly
in charge.

But shockingly the result that came out days ago was as shocking not
just to the Presidency but to all who expected a behest of loot from
the part of the Vice President but the opposite was the case as noting
could be tied or had the signature or direct link to the Vice
President rather what was discovered was the total culpability of the
former FCT Minister and Governor of Kaduna state that has all his
hands solid in many multi billion naira racket in the privitalization

It would be recalled that Atiku Abubakar in the months ahead has come
under intense heat and investigations by the Buhari administration
following his intent to go ahead with his Presidential ambition, the
most recent been the closure of INTEL Servicing Company, a Company
Atiku is said to have some amount of interest in.


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