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Presidency must fully back anti-grazing laws as we are not 2nd Class citizens, Benue House of Reps Caucus kicks


BENUE- The House of Representative members from Benue state seem to be in
tune with the People and governor of the State over the anti-grazing
laws if the Caucus decision to call on the President to sow firm
support to the laws is a criteria to pass judgment.

The members of the House of Representative from Benue state who
spoke through the Caucus leader of the House John Dyegh is said to be
reacting to the pervading peace the state seem to have witnessed since
the laws came in to effect on the 1st of November 2007 and also to
draw the attention of the Nation to the threats by the Mayite Allah
Association  over the said Law/.


According the the member of the house of Representative Caucus leader
appeal to the President Mohhammadu Buhari to quickly call members of
the Mayitee Allah Association to order following their reported
threats to disregard the laws of the state and asking the president to
immediately give standing others to all security agents to fully
implement the laws as passed since there is a trend ongoing where
security agents are said to be unwilling to implement the laws fueling
speculations that the President may ot be too happy with the said anti
grazing laws .according to the rep caucus ‘’This coming together in
one voice by the members of the House of representative is simply to
sound a not of warning to those who has vowed to violate the laws and
cause crisis in Benue state, it is also to draw the Federal Government
attention and appeal to the President to fully give total support to
the state government by giving standing orders to all security agents
to ensure maximum implementation of this wonder law as we are  prepare
to see see that the anti grazing laws  succeed in Benue state no
matter who opposes it’’

The lawmakers who classified themselves and the Benue people as
Nigerians and not second class citizens In Nigeria called for the
respect of the Laws of the state by every one for peace to reigns in
the state since the Benue people if pushed can also and as well defend
themselves to the fullest.

The Res members called for all security agents to implement the laws
wholesomely and deal with anyone no matter his or her position that
chooses to oppose the laws of the state.

The lawmakers speech is coming at a time when members of the Miyeti
Allah are vowing to not only disobey the law but ready to go into
violence over the law which to them is targeted at them and their
business as cattle breeders and same time when rumours are rift that
the Presidency is against the law was passed by the State House of
Assembly and assented to by the State Governor and gone ahead to
secretly to plot to stop the governor second term bid over the law.

How the whole thing would pine out certainly Daily Watch would keep
Nigerians informed but for now something seem glaring, that is a
relative peace in the state after the passage and signing of the bill
into law coupled with the joy the people of all the local government
areas  have been since the commencement of the anti-grazing laws in
the state to which they all religiously supported and claimed as the
best law from the state government.


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