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Presidency lists National Assembly members to weed out, Sani, Marafa, kwankwaso top list



ABUJA- In a time when other political parties and aligning and realigning for members the APC are working on a plot to stylishly ease out some members in its fold from making it back to the National Assembly under the party ticket.


Daily Watch investigations confirmed that a strategic meeting of the El-Rufai Political group of the Buhari for president  in Conjunction With some members of the Cabal weeks ago draw out a list of APC members in the National Assembly who they tagged as  not loyal  and of doubtful allegiance to the Buhari Political  course and as such must be secretly weeded out from coming back to the National Assembly.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the list which comprises over twenty serving members of the Senate and about twenty of the House  of Representatives has been handed over to their respective State Governors to get through a way to diplomatically work towards the failure of the marked names in any kind of APC Primaries.

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that amongst the names on the list include the name of senator Marafa, Dino Malaye, Rabiu Kwakwoso, Shehu Sani among several others.

The plot of the El-Rufai team is to block the coming back bid of all the marked members as there are seen as not helping by words and action the administration of Buhari as such they must be phased out diplomatically without giving them clue to move to other parties to fulfill their ambition

Already men like Shehu Sani and few others are said to be abreast with the Political committee of the APC headed by El- Rufai and are said to be on talking terms with the PDP with the intent of flying the Party flag come 2019.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the chairman of the APC chief Odigie Oyegun on the reported plot by some committee in the party to weed out some members seen as not too loyal to the Buhari political dynasty was not possible as at the time of going to press despite several text messages to that effect.



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