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Presidency Bars, Selects Journalists for Budget Presentation


*Targets those  whose reports are not government friendly

*plots to go on the offensive against media houses  soon

 ABUJA- The Buhari administration seems to be baring its fangs finally
against journalists that seem to be classified as ‘unfriendly group’
due to their reports which the Federal government sees as not


The Federal Government which gave a tip of what is to become of all
news  outlets that doesn’t toe the lines and reports of the government
during the Budget presentation asked security chiefs to bar certain
classes of journalist who are said to be those reporting unfriendly
and uncooperative stories about the Government.

Many reporters were barred in the Villa today (Tuesday) by security operatives from participating in today’s historical event. The victims were several vibrant news  reporters who security agents have put under close monitoring have been barred from partaking in the Budget Presentation as a result of the secret directive to the  Security team in the National Assembly despite them been accredited.

Among the team barred are most online reporters, Premium Times and others for exposing the Maina gate. The security team who were said to have carried out the orders said they were acting from orders from the top to use every power at their disposal to stop the marked Journalist from the marked media groups from attending the President 2018 Budget Presentation going on in the national assembly today.

Detail investigations by Daily Watch confirmed the Presidency anger
with many media houses which is among the barred few for setting out
stories to embarrass the government even when such stories are
true. The President was said to have been highly miffed with the
Premium times and others over the stories of Maina pension loot which is said to have created handful of embarrassment to the Federal government such that the federal Government has vowed to start treating the fourth estate with an iron hand.

Already marked media group have been tagged as unfriendly Journalists
and there seem to be a secret plot to not only go after such media
outfit but look for every small reason to deal with them.

Attempts to get the views of the President Spokesman on why certified
and accredited Journalist were bared by Security men citing orders
from above was not possible as at the time of this report.


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