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Presidency/APC move for Gbong Gwon Jugular over support for Useni

Gbong Gwon

*As plots to create a first class Fulani traditional Ruler in Jos Thickens

By Lucky Ojigbo, General Editor

The days of peaceful reign of the Gbong Gwon one of the esteemed traditional rulers in Plateau state seemed to be over if the secret plots of the APC and the Presidency is to be implemented to the  maximum .


The plt which is crafted in a similar way as that which is already playing out in the City of Kano that saw to the demystification of Emir Sanusi and creating of more Emirates inside his own Emirates that would have ended in his dethronement on funny corruption charges but for the court’s Injunction that has for now stalled the vindictive game plot of Ganduje and his masters in Abuja ,

The same treatment t is said to be on the card for the powerful Gbong Gwon of plateau state to which the state government and their associated masters in plot in the seat of Power have already started as the State Governor has already created some Emirates out of the  kingdom of the Ggong Gwon thereby reducing like in Sanusi’s case the Local Government of the traditional Ruler under his spheres to just two and to appoint new traditional Rulers who would be at par with the Ggong Gwon to the two newly created Chiefdom  under  Riyom and Jos North   and becoming first class traditional Ruler like the Gbong Gwon and leaving 2 LGA for Gbong Gwon chiefdom after the split which was done in frantic speed until the Court again like in the case of Kano placed an injunction against any further acts on the Part of the Governor to proceed with the inimical plots on the Tradition stool f the Gbong Gwon whom the APC led government is said to be angry with for massively backing the PDP Governorship candidate in Plateau state in the recently concluded governorship and Presidential Elections in the state.

Though the courts have for now stalled the Process Daily watch Sources Confirmed that the governor has not given up on his clandestine plots to deal decisively with the Gbon Gwon ad there are rumours on-ground also that the State Governor is on directive from the Villa also plotting to install a Fulani in Plateau state through one of the Local Government populated by Hausa Fulani as a  first class traditional  in the state to put him at par if not above the Gbong Gwon so as to give a voice to the issue of the Fulanis as part owners of Plateau State and finally settling the   expansionist and genocidal agenda  of the headers  who till date now occupies over 55 communities and Villages hitherto belonging to the real indigenes of the state who have been driven from their ancestral land in course of the so called farmers/herders clash a euphemism for the herders attack maiming, killing and taking over of lands in the Plateau to get a new foothold in the state in the past few years.

Daily watch attempts to reach out to the Palace of the esteemed Traditional Ruler of the Berom  people over the series of persecution  and other acts of the government on the directive of the powers that be was not possible as at the moment of going to press.



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