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PPD convention: Retrd Generals battle Governors over position


*IBB, OBJ seek for powers to stop Atiku

             *Ex-Govs, Serving Govs merge to pull force

The Present battle in the PDP over chairmanship position is not a
battle for the progress of the Party but one between those who doesn’t
want Abubaker Atiku to fly the PDP flags and those that want internal
democracy to flourish.


This much was discovered by Daily watch through the series of meet
held within the past one week in Abuja by the diverse group backing
the different PDP aspirants for the Position of the Party

While there is a group which major aim is to block the emergence of
Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of the PDP with as much
as three Chairmanship aspirants the second group with two aspirants is
said to be fighting for the enthronement of the peoples will in the
determination of the chairmanship position and that of the
Presidential candidate.

A classic sign of the battle within the two camps led by two powerful
groups which are the retired generals club and the APC who major aim
is to have the chairman ship position under their control and use same
to work against the Presidential ambition of a Particular candidate
and the Governors/ex governors of the PDP who are bent on allowing the
party pick the next in any and every positions rather than blocking
any candidate.

Daily watch findings confirmed that while ex-President Olusegun
Obasanjo told the world that he has quit the PDP and partisan Politics
the truth is that he is the arrowhead of one of the powerful factions
with a very huge war chest fighting to enthrone a candidate that would
the bidding of the APC and retired general on the issue of
presidential candidate for the PDP.

This group which is said to have candidates above one so as to confuse
those outside are said to be financed largely by Obasanjo and IBB and
the sole aim is to use every machinery of the Party after picking the
chairmanship position to block Atiku from picking the PDP presidential

This group is already said to be hitting a brick wall in the plot
though they still breaking barriers nut the man Abubakar Atiku is also
said to be in tune with the plots of Obasanjo and his cohorts to block
him and as such is said to have placed very powerful machinery in
place though discretely to also destroy the plots of the Obasanjo
group whose arrow head is said to be Jerry Gana who days ago was
fighting to bring the whole North to vote in voice which is going by
the plot of Obasanjo but the Governors and Atiku read thru the plots
and within minutes of their press release got a shocker as a splinter
group gave another press release affirming their determination to see
that the North does not vote or choose any one candidate which was a
subtle way of killing the Jerry Gana game plan

Already Daily Watch investigations confirmed that if elections were to
hold today, the Pro Atiku group would pick the chairmanship slot as
the ex-vice president is said to have almost all the serving PDP
governors behind him, ex governors and  majority of the northern state
chairmen who are the major delegates come Saturday Chairmanship

While the Ex-President and Gana Group are said to be favorable to Ex-
Governor Sule  Lamido picking the PDP presidential Ticket, the
governors and ex Governors are said to be pro Atiku as they see in him
the only man that can match the Buhari administration both in campaign
and financial muscles  in the 2019 presidential race.

While series of horse-trading  that would see many aspirants dropping
their ambition to back up others in the same camp is said to be
ongoing they are ample evidences that the Anti Atiku’s plots seem to
be falling apart like a pack of cards as many PDP members who were in
the Anti Atiku’s camp are been made to realize the stupidity of
working for Obasanjo who has openly said he is not a PDP member and
can’t return to his vomit but yet want to take back and  over his vomit
indirectly, this line of conviction seem to be working profusely
against those who were pro Obasanjo as at the beginning of this week
and forcing Obasanjo to take a back seat and IBB the front seat in the
lobby game.

Attempts to speak with Atiku media team on the conspiracy by many
against his Presidential pursuit via the coming PDP Chairmanships
battle was not possible but a close aide of the Political master
planner Dawakin Galadima confirmed the plots and said there are even
many more of such that the Ex VP is aware of but that all would come
to nought since the people know the worth of Atiku and know the evil
intent of those opposing his mission to liberate the country via


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