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Power tussle: Aisha, El-Rufai lose out over control of President in 2nd tenure


By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

Finally the much talked about tussle in the Villa over who is to be in charge as in control of the Weakling in Power President Mohammadu Buhari seemed to have ended s the formal Cabal have gained the upper edge against the triple Combination of El-Rufai, Aisha Buhari and  Yusuf Buhari who were in the thick as a group to wrestle the power of control from the old cabal who Aisha has several claimed killed Buhari Administration in the first tenure.

Daily watch Sources in the Villa Confirmed that the power turtle still reside with the Cabal headed by Mamman Duara (Buhari older Cousin) with Abba Kyari, Babagana Kingibe and others as against the power moves and game by El-Rufai and Aisha to change the game.

Daily watch sources confirmed that the recent outburst and steady train of criticism by the wife of the President against her husband’s administration mostly the Social Intervention loot are as a result of her intense frustration in the fight to wrestle power from the Cabal but to which shockingly the President himself seemed unwilling to give as he is said to be seriously in total fear and strong control of his Cousin whom many in the Villa secretly described as an hypnotizing hold in the President who would behind Mamman agrees to make drastic decisions and changes only to go mute with nodding of head in the presence of his Cousin Mamman as if under a spell.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the first lady as she wants to be called now is said to be simply confused and frustrated over how the President Cousin could have such hold on her husband that every decisions and agreements reached with her husband are randomly tossed a sea once he the President comes in contact with Mamman Duara.

Daily Watch Sources Confirmed that already El-Rufai and the first lady have like totally lost out in the control battle to the old Cabal except if some divine intervention is to happen in the few days coming.

Daily Watch Attempts to reach out to the First Lady of Nigeria over her vitriolic criticisms of her husband’s administration Policies even in the open when she could use the Pillow talk as advised by ex President Olusegun Obasanjo was not possible as a Press time.





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