Power Game as APC Cabals Split among El Rufai, Kwanwasho and Shitima



   ABUJA-  That the All Progressive Congress (APC) is in total confusion presently is stating the obvious if the series of information sifting out of the confines of the Aso Rock villa is anything to go by.

The tension and unease among top shots of the party is said to be as a result of the secret information emanating from the Presidential Cabal that the President Mohammadu  Buhari certainly not going to stand for the 2019 Presidential Elections.

The information which presently is kept secret by the Buhari Political family of the president and the cabal is said to be so kept with intent of the group to pick and start working secretly for one of their favourite topshot to pick the APC ticket once Buhari openly comes out to speak about his wish to concentrate on his health as against going forward with contesting the 2019 election.

Not to be taken off guard the cabal in the Presidency and the Buhari Political family are said to have met days ago in Abuja with the intent to finding not just a suitable and sellable candidate for the APC but to pick someone that must be loyal to the cabal and the Buhari Political family.

Already, majority of the Buhari Political Family are said to have narrowed their search to the Governor of Kaduna state Mallam El-Rufai to which key members of the cabal seem against for reasons said to be his bad manners. Disrespectful nature and the political garbage that goes with him over his views on restructuring which the cabal feels would count against the Party in the South West and South East who are the diehard protagonists of the restructure theme.

To this group, El-Rufai is a bad product who would not only fail to sail but also go with many dirty baggage and in the views of this group the most auspicious candidate with less controversy to his name is the ex-governor of Kano state Senator Rabiu Kwankwoso who is said to have bought over eighty percent of the APC members in the National Assembly to his camp.

Another group in this two mix is said to be moving in for the executive Governor of Borno state as a compromise candidate and the least with any deficiency or baggage

How the two forces, the Buhari Political Family and the cabal would pull through their plots and theatrics to beat the formidable class of the Generals who are also said to be bent on picking the candidate for Buhari”s replacement would be known in the days ahead as all seem foggy in all the political camps for now.



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