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Poser: Who among APC leaders, IG, DSS, minister of defence in power is a better liar?


       ABUJA- Several Weeks back Daily Watch brought you a list of APC leaders to pick the best of them in the art of lying, today another three has come out top in their stock in trade and of the many that has dished out several dirty lies.

The Three are the Inspector General of Police, the Director of the DSS and the Nigerian Minister for Defence.


The First to come out smoking was the Inspector General Of Police who came out without investigations to tell Nigerians that the Killings by Herdsmen in Benue state is simply a case of Communal fight between two communities and not that of herdsmen as  Nigerians are made to believe.

This state the inspector General made even before setting up a task force as directed by the President to look into and halt the killings in Benue state.

Few Days later the entered the Director of the Directorate of state Security  who also dished out his on tales in the moonlight on how the killings in Benue occurred and by whom despite the series of news conference and releases by herdsmen  under the Mayetti Allah Breeders that they did the killings because of the loss of over 1000 cows. In his own tales the killings were done by the renowned ISIS who had infiltrated Nigeria.

Just when we all thought that the show of shame and deceit has ended Daily Watch again got a shocker with a new story line about the same killings in Benue but this time from the Nigeria Minister for Defense who almost asked Nigerians to pick up arms against any Laws in the Country that is against their Interest because that was his own idea why the killings took place.

According to the Minister, the killings were actually done by the Fulani herdsmen but for some very good reasons, which is to show their displeasure over the grazing laws passed into law by the Benue state Government but what the Minister failed to tell Nigerians is if the herdsmen killings in Ogun state, Adamawa state, Ekiti State Taraba State  etc was also as a result of a grazing law in those states.


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