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Police accused me of stealing documents, says Ogundipe, detained Premium Times reporter

Samuel Ogundipe, the Premium Times reporter arrested by the Nigeria Police over published news



Samuel Ogundipe, the Premium Times reporter arrested by the Nigeria Police Force has been accused of stealing a secret document.


He has also been arraigned at a magistrate court in Kubwa area of Abuja on Wednesday.

According to Premium Times, Ogundipe was not allowed access to his lawyer as he was taken to the court without any previous notice.

The reporter who was given the opportunity by the court to make just one call was quoted as saying:  “They brought me to a magistrate court in Kubwa where they arraigned me. The magistrate said they should detain me for five days.

“They accused me of criminal trespass. They said I stole secret documents. The magistrate does not know the details, because they did not include it in the charge that I am a journalist. I was not allowed to contact my lawyers.

“They also did not allow me to call anyone until the magistrate ordered them to let me make one call. I am currently using the registrar’s phone to make this call and they are collecting it.”

Ogundipe was arrested by the police on Tuesday over a news story he wrote on the report by the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, on the recently sacked Director General of the Department of State Services, DSS, Lawal Daura.

He was asked to disclose the source of his information.

Meanwhile, individuals, groups and the human rights community among others have been expressing dismay over the action of the police.

They have, as a result, called for the immediate release of the reporter.

Spokesman of the police, Jimoh Moshood, who spoke on the case said he did not have the details surrounding the arrest of Ogundipe.

He however promised to look into the case.



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