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POETIC ANGLE : Give us our corruption By Ufuoma Okion .O.


That’s the song now after two years

Nigerians are crying just not tears


But whole gamut of blood

Yearning even for the past

Where we told we got looted

But even at that looting

Hunger was not to be heard

Rice was merely 8 thousand a bag

Hunger was far from our Homes

With the said Corruption

People had enough to eat

And even be their brothers

Yes their brothers’ keepers

And the so called Change came

And with it hunger and hunger

People sell kids for food

Yet we were told old Corruption

Yes Corruption of old caused it

Yet With no corruption we hungry

Rice now sells like gold

Hunger our best companion

In the new change of bliss

We got stones in return

Yet in seasons of so called Corruption

Bliss was our lots as food was plenty

Who then is a liar, the real liars?

The corrupt groups or the agents of Change?

If corruption, grand looting brings food

Brings joy, work n unrivalled plenty

And Change brings hunger, starvation,

Sacking, Killings and unrivaled conflict

Then give us our old Corruption

So Nigerians can live and feed.



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